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Literary works (apex)

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How do you say class in Elizabethan English?

"Class" can mean a number of different things. How you would say it depends on which meaning you wish to use. The word "class" itself does not appear to have been used for any purpose in Elizabethan writings.

When did the Phoenician writing appear?

About 3,000 years ago.

When did the first writing system appear?

In 4100 BC the Sumerian’s developed the first system of writing.

Who more powerful elf or faires?

Both are fictional, so the question is ultimately meaningless and depends on the author writing the story in which they appear. It's also possible that in some stories they may simply be different words for the same thing.

Why do historians believe all early writing was invented?

When there was no writing, someone had to invent it. It did not just appear from nowhere.

When did American modernist writing appear?

the late 18th century

How long after the invention of the wheel did writing appear?

3200 bc

One innovation that all foraging cultures appear to have lacked?


When did American modernist writing first appear?

the late 18th century

Why is Dos is important?

What is "do writing?" This does not appear to be proper English. If the question were rephrased in proper English, I think we would know how to answer it.

Where can you get the powerful weapons in elder scrolls IV?

The world is leveled so eventually around level 18+ the most powerful weapons appear on enemies and in stores.

What was shakespeares late part of his writing career?

Of course, at the time, neither Shakespeare or his contemporaries noticed or remarked upon whether he was changing from one phase of his writing career to another. But it does appear that for a while he was writing powerful tragedies and ambiguous comedies, and then he started writing plays that start very dark but end happily, usually with the reunification of families, and placed a greater emphasis on spectacle and special effects. This shift happened more or less around 1608-1609, after Coriolanus and before Pericles.