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i put knowledge, reasoning, and achievements as my 3 topic things

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Q: Analyze the ways in which Enlightenment thought addresses religious beliefs and social issues in the 18th century?
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What were the enlightenment thinkers view on religion?

Enlightenment thinkers had diverse views on religion. Some, like Voltaire, criticized organized religion and advocated for religious tolerance. Others, like Thomas Paine, promoted reason and skepticism towards traditional religious beliefs. Overall, Enlightenment thinkers emphasized the importance of individual autonomy and freedom of thought in matters of religion.

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Where did the Israelites history and religious beliefs?

Israelites record history and religious beliefs inside the Torah.

What were Cleopatra VII religious beliefs?

Cleopatra VII adopted traditional Egyptian religious beliefs.

What two enlightenment ideas challenged church authority?

Some Renaissance thinkers used Greek and Roman ideas to raise questions about established religious beliefs. These Renaissance thinkers were known as Humanists.

What were religious beliefs in 1939 England?

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How did enlightenment and the great awakening change people beliefs?


What were the beliefs of the philosophes?

The beliefs of the philosophes were that they were the ones that were bringing the light of knowledge to their fellow creatures in the Age of Enlightenment.

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