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Arabs are considered Middle Eastern. Many census-takings, such as the American Census, classify Middle Easterners as being a subset of Caucasians.

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Q: Are Arabs considered Middle Eastern or European or Asian?
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Which two cultures in the middle east have been feuding for decades?

How long a list do you want? Pretty much every two bordering ethnicities in the Middle East have been feuding for the last few centuries, examples include: Arabs and Kurds Turks and Kurds Persians and Kurds Persians and Arabs Christian Lebanese and Sunni Muslim Lebanese Israelis and Arabs (including Palestinians) Settled Arabs and Bedouins Amazigh (Berbers) and Arabs Iraqi Sunni Arabs and Iraqi Shiite Arabs Alawites and Syrian Sunni Arabs and Druze Druze and Palestinians

Why are the Middle Ages sometimes referred to as the Age of Chivalry?

The whole idea of Chivalry arose during the High Middle Ages. It was informed by people such as Eleanor of Aquitaine and a host of European bards, who used the idea of the good warrior, derived partly from the Arabs and partly from the crusades, as a basis for songs and stories. With the end of the Middle Ages, the knights passed out of usefulness, and the age of Chivalry ended with Don Quixote, which, while very funny, mocked the idea of the romantic knight.

How did Arabs feel about the French and British after world war 1?

The feel good because they thought that French and British change everything in the Middle East

What were the 8 different ethnic groups in the Middle East?

This question fails to specify the source claiming that there are only eight ethnicities in the Middle East and there are currently hundreds of ethno-religious groups in the Middle East. Furthermore, there is no timeframe on this question, and ethnic changes in the Middle East are quite significant over time. All-withstanding, the current most populous and famous ethnicities in the Middle East are: 1) Civilized Sunni Arabs (This is to say the Arabs who are Sunni Moslems and live in a relatively urban environment.) 2) Turks (This refers to the ethnicity of Turkey as opposed to the Turks meaning all similar people of that general ethnic group.) 3) Persians (This refers to the dominant ethnic group in Iran.) 4) Civilized Shiite Arabs (This is to say the Arabs who are Shiite Moslems and live in a relatively urban environment.) 5) Bedouins (This refers to the nomadic desert-Arabs that populate the Middle East) 6) Israeli Jews (This refers to the dominant ethno-religious group in the State of Israel.) 7) Egyptian Copts (This refers to the largest group of Egyptian Christianity.) 8) South Asians (This refers to the large immigrant worker population in the Gulf States that comes from India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh.)

What are Arabs of North Africa and the Middle East considered to be?

Most North Africans are actually not Arabs. Most Moroccans are Amazigh (Berber) a fact that fails to be recognized today even among the ruling class of that country, as well as in Algeria and Tunisia, for political reasons.The "Arab" identity has been ssen as a political driving force behind the de-colonization of the region after world war II. Today, genetic studies confirm that the vast majoirty of the North African population of the Maghreb is in fact related to the pre-islamic population of the region, with slight infusions of Middle eastern Arabs, Europeans and sub-Saharan Africans all amounting to some 20% or less.Egyptians also used to classify themselves as "Egyptian until the time of Nasser when the country joined the Arab league. I believe that this "Arab" umbrella was used for political solidarity between mostly Islamic nations that sought to create a standing political force in the face of British and French colonial forces.Even the Lebanese Christians today do not consider themselves "Arab" but descendants of the Phoenicians (also confirmed by genetic studies). The term "Arab" is mostly political as well as linguistic but does not necessarily reflect a "racial" indentity.The "true" Arabs are those of the Arabian Peninsula, who are distinct genetically and racially from the rest of the middle east because studies show the presence of the M1 gene that is common among black Africans (Cavalli Sforza). Even many Syrians consider themselves Arameans to this day.

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What group of Arabs in the middle east is considered displaced?


Are all Arabians from Saudi Arabia?

No. ARABS can be from many different middle-eastern countries.

Why did the European get much attacks from the attacks of the barbarians and and such eastern invaders as the Arabs and the Turks?

because they wanted to be an empire

What is a sentence for Arabs?

The majority of people who live in the middle eastern regions are known as Arabs.The Arabs again failed in their attempt to seize India from the British Empire.

What race is the yemen people?

Yemenis are original arabs AKA Qahtanis which translates "pure arabs", take it from the yemeni (me). yemeni people are arab/middle eastern, which the United nations has categorized as the race white, though yes, they are geographically asian. The ethnic group would be arab/middle eastern.

Is the United Arab emirates in Europe or Asia?

Arabs originate in Asia. Arabs can be found living in many countries around the world, including countries in Europe. So there are Arabs in Europe and Asia.

Arabs are in what region of the world?

Arabs are originally from the Arabic peninsula. the Arabian countries now are in North of Africa in addition to a wide region in south west of Asia ( mostly known as the Middle East ).

What are Arab people?

Answer 1An Arab is anyone from an Arab (Middle Eastern) country or has any Middle Eastern blood in them. Egyptians, Palestinians, Iraqis, Lebanese and many more.Answer 2Arabs are people of the Middle East that are united by a common language: Arabic, and a common history: the Islamic Caliphates. Arabs are not necessarily of the same ethnic stock and in many cases are of mixed heritage due to intermarriage between the Arabs coming up from the Arabian Peninsula and indigenous Semites and Berbers. Not all Arabs are Muslim, but all Arabs have (in their history) spent time under an Islamic government.

Where are the Arabs located?

Arabs are located in the Middle East and in Northern Africa

Are Arabs and blacks related?

Arabs and blacks are not directly related in terms of ethnicity or ancestry. Arabs are people from the Middle East and North Africa, while "blacks" is a broad term that can encompass people of African descent from various regions. It is important to recognize and respect the diversity and distinct identities of different racial and ethnic groups.

How many Arabs live in the Middle-East?

Around 200 million Arabs live in the Middle East.

What part of the people in the middle east are Arabs?

The vast majority of Middle Easterners today consider themselves Arabs. However, originally, the Arabs were the tribes in Arabia.