Are saini's original rajputs

Updated: 4/28/2022
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If you are referring to Sainis of Punjab who do not intermarry outside the state, then the asnwer is Yes. They are largely descendants of Tanwar-Jadaun Rajputs who ruled Mathura, Bayana, Delhi , etc till 1100 AD. This Tanwar-Jadaun Rajput line coming down from Pandvas and Yadavas of ancient time was called "Saini" as short form of "Shoorsaini". Delhi and Mathura area was part of Shoorsaini (Surasena) kingdom and its rulers were accordingly called "Saini". The Chaunsat Khamba mural in Kaman contains the names of many Saini kings of this region.

According to native accounts they came to Punjab around 11 00 AD to fight Muhammad Ghazni and other Turk invaders. Their clan names have a large overlap with Hill/Dogra Rajputs, in particularly Pathania Rajputs who are also Tanwar descent. Pathania Rajputs have a similar story of their migration from the kingdom of Delhi and Mathura around the same time. Their ancestor founded the fort of Dhameri in Pathankot which was renamed to Nurpur later on. It is to be noted that Dhamrait is a major and dominant clan of Sainis in Hoshiarpuir and Gurdaspur districts of Punjab. In the hills the same clan is found among Pathania Rajputs as Dhamrial. This clan is linked with the fort of Dhameri. Further, there is a Dhameri near Delhi as well which gives the suggestion that the identical ancestors of Pathanias and Saini Rajputs moved from this region and founded another town with the same name to preserve the memory of original home near Delhi and Mathura.

Some people say that Tanwars are not Yadavs but Pandavas. But Col. Tod believed Tanwars are Yadavs. Sri Krishna also had a son called Tamra Bhadra. This line may have been named after him as Sainis of Punjab who have large number of Tanwar Rajput clans such as Badwal, Biloria, Mangar, Dhamrait (Dhamrial) , etc invariably claim Jadaun Rajput descent. Even if Tanwars are descendants of Pandavas they would still be linked with Maharaja Shoorsen (the founder of Saini dynasty) through matrilineal blood line. Truth may be somewhat in between as descendants of Yadavas and Pandavas got deeply interfused due to intermarriages.

ABO blood group analysis of Sainis and Hill Rajputs published in American Journal of Physhical Anthropology in 1961 showed almost identical strains (with non-significant differences) which further gives credence to the view that the latter or the former have originated from each other. The term "Saini" or "Shoorsaini" is much older in history than the term Rajput which also gives the indication that many of Jadaun and Tanwar Rajput clans originated from Saini rulers of Mathura and Delhi.

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Q: Are saini's original rajputs
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Is saini a jatt?

Sainis fall under Rajputs. Sainis have there own clan like jatts.

Is toor jat Sikh caste?

No not Just Jatts the Majority of Toor the Rajputs and there Sub-Division Sainis

Can a rajput rana girl Mary a saini boywil d society accept?

If the Saini boy is from Punjab , he is also a Rajput . Punjabi Sainis are an offshoot of Rajputs and all of their clan names are common with Rajputs on hills. Visit if you need more info.

What jatt is higer caste than saini?

Caste hierarchy can vary depending on regions and communities in India. In some regions, Jats might be considered higher caste than Sainis, while in others the hierarchy could be different. It's important to remember that caste distinctions are a social construct and not indicative of individual worth or capabilities.

Does banga caste come under obc and What is their position relative to other punjabis?

Banga in Punjab is Saini subcaste. Sainis of Punjab are not in OBC and are a forward caste. The stronghold of Banga Sainis is region in Jalandhar and Nawan Shahr districts of Punjab where they are among the leading land owning group. The caste heirarchy in Punjab varies by the region. In Hoshiarpur, Nawanshahr and Jalandhar, Sainis are ranked on top and are a very influential and affluent group . The MP of Hoshiarpur was generally always a Saini before the seat became reserved. On hills Banga clan name is also found among Dogra Rajputs as "Bangwai". Almost 100% of Saini clans are same as that of Hill Rajputs and both groups are of identical descent. The only difference is that Saini villages fell in Muslim ruled areas where Rajputs were being actively converted to Islam or asked to marry their girls with them. This led to Rajputs on the plains starting to hide their Rajput identity to avoid persecution. Due to this reason Sainis and Mahtons (aka Sikh Rajputs) gradually cut adrift from Rajputs on hills and adopted farming identity even though both tribes are of proven Rajput descent (SS Gahlot, 1989;Hugh Kennedy Trevaskis, 1928 ). Few prominent Banga Sainis in public space are Dr. Indu Banga (renowned hisotrian of Punjab) , Ajay Banga (Master Card CEO) and Manvider Banga (ex CEO of Unilever. Lt. General HS Banga (retd) , the father of Banga brothers, is also a decorated army general. Additional DIG of CRPF, Hari Ram Banga, is another prominent Banga Saini police officer decorated for gallantry. All this would tell you that Bangas are people of formidable standing, education and influence. The town Banga is also named after Banga Rajputs or Sainis. Currently, it is a Jat dominated town but the town was given Mann Jats during Akbar's era when the latter became "Darbari Jats". There a number of Banga Saini dominated villages still around this town.

Are sainis kshatriyas?


Is thind is saini caste?

Yes. Yes original Thind or Thinday is a Saini sub clan. They are the descendants of Saini (Yaduvanshi) Rajput Raja Thind Pal who ruled Mathura around 1000 AD . Among Hill Rajputs, the clan is found as Thandiyal. Jats and Kambohs also have this clan which may also have originated from Sainis . This can be said confidently because Thind Pal was a confirmed Saini king.

What are the gotras for rathore rajputs and bisen rajputs?

Bisen Rajputs have "Vatsa" gotra.

Who are dixit rajputs?

dixit rajputs are also known as dikhit rajputs .dixit or dikhit rajputs are of solar race like sisodidya ,kachhwaha and rathor rajputs. dikhit or dixit rajputs ruled overan extensive kingdom in unnao and banda district. dixit rajputs of unnao district fought a vrey ferocious battle with akbar the great.

Are Dhekha Rajputs real rajputs?


How many type of Rajputs?

rajputs of how many types

Bhandari are rajputs or gurjars?

Bhandari are Rajputs of Rajasthan.