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LOHTAMIHA rajputs are descendants of Badguja Rajput of suryavanshi clan...

they ranks good among rajputs and found in bihar the most...

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Lohtamia is a branch of Badgujjar rajput.ย  Badgujjar is a Suryavanshi rajput clan and descended of Lava ( Son of Ram )
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Yes I am Rajgarh lohtamia โค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธ( โ—œโ€ฟโ— )โ™ก( โ—œโ€ฟโ— )โ™ก( โ—œโ€ฟโ— )โ™ก๊’ฐโ‘…แต•เผšแต•๊’ฑห–โ™ก

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great answer, thank you

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Q: Who are Lohtamia Rajput Where are the origin of Lautamia Rajput?
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Are lohtamia rajput are authentic rajput?

yes Lohtamia are authentic rajput. Lohtamia derived from Lawtamia (gotra Bhardwaj ) subbranch of badgurjar one of the rajput 36 kul.Bargurjar is a suryavanshi clan descendant of eldest son of ram Lava.Lohtamia had moved from Lahore (lohkot ). According to kshtriya Kul Parichayika Some Raghuvansi kshtriya moved from Lohgadh state ( Maharastra ) and lived in Arrah& Balia &Chapra Dish.Due to Lohgadh they called as Lohthambh or Lohtamia Rajput. At Present day their have 35-40 villagws of lohtamia rajput in Arrah and Balia Dish. The commander of Shershah suri sri Pahad ji was belongs from Lohtamia Rajput. Lohtamih rajput fully supported to veer Kuwar Singh in first battle indepence war in India. Lohtamia rajput sri Viswanath Singh supported to Subhash chandra Bosh with his friend from Rajput Ragiment in Rangoon War. As a Sainik of Azad Hind Fouz sri Viswanath Singh was hang till death by British company.

Is girth a sheduled caste?

no ,,, they are origin in rajput clans

Is Guleria a rajput sub caste?

yes, origin Guler in Kangra Himachal pradesh.

What caste does the surname kalotra come under?


Khmer or mer both are same Varma rajput?

Hindu Khmer kings of Cambodia Suryavarman/Jayavarman are basicallyMair rajput from India. There is no any difference between Varman and Varma. Kshatriya origin belongs to Brahamaji Vanshavali. Mair rajput realeted to Brahamaji Vanshavali 's thirtyth king Aajmeerh.

Is kumawat Rajput is Rajput?

Yes. They are Rajput undoubtedly.

Is Rao Rajput is Rajput?

Yes i"m AA Rajput

What is the history of gautam rajput?

Gautam rajput werw survanshi rajput.

Is mahendra singh dhoni Rajput?

NO. he is a kumauni RAJPUT

Could a Kashyap rajput marry a luddu rajput gotra and is kashyap rajput a lower caste than luddu rajput?


Who is higher sub cast of rajput shekhawat or rajput rajghav?

Rajput Shekhawat

Who r kakan rajput?

from where is kakan rajput orginate?