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Q: Is nakum a rajput subcaste or not?
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Which is a higher subcaste Janjua Rajpoot or Sikarwar Rajput?

Sikarwar Rajput

Is ramola a rajput sub cast?

yes ramola is a subcaste of rajput .. they reside in the pricely state of uttarakhand,

Is taprial a sub caste of rajput.?

As per my knowledge, "taprial" is not a recognized sub-caste of Rajputs. It is possible that it may be a regional or local community that is not widely known or acknowledged within the broader Rajput community.

Is it compulsory for a lodhi Rajput to marry lodhi Rajput only or subcaste like lodhi etc does not matter as long as Partner is Rajput. Do they allow Intercaste like Rajput to brahmin etc?

Yes,It is compulsory that Lodhi rajput will marry with any subcastes of Lodhi rajput community as Lodhi,Lodha,Lodh,Mahalodh,Rajput & Verma etc only. We don't allow intercaste marraiges Rajput to Brahmin etc. WTF :We dont allow..y dont u allow r u supremo of ur state.

When was Cultural Triangle Yaxha-Nakum-Naranjo National Park created?

Cultural Triangle Yaxha-Nakum-Naranjo National Park was created in 2003.

Who is dhatwalia in himachal. Is they belong to rajput family?

Dhatwalia is a rajput caste in himachal specially in hamirpur distt. There is a dhatwal named sub tehsil in hamirpur where mostly caste is rajput and caste is dhatwalia. The name of the tehsil is known as tappa dhatwal due to majority of dhatwalias. Many people get confused about this caste. Thats why it was important to answer this. It is purelt a rajput aste i.e also known as thakur.

Which is higher subcaste of rajput tanwar rajput or panwar raj put?

Ofcourse panwar as it has route to 'The royal parmar rajput dynasty'' it has routes with parmar ,we all know that parmar had a huge and long kinngdom..the great raja bhoj,vikramaditya,and the great 'Ujjainiya' rajput Veer kunwar singh ji belongs to parmara jus becauze Panwar has its route with parmar and ujjainiya they hold a higher status than any rajputs ...

What is the area of Cultural Triangle Yaxha-Nakum-Naranjo National Park?

The area of Cultural Triangle Yaxha-Nakum-Naranjo National Park is 371.6 square kilometers.

Which is a higher subcaste panwar rajpoot of malwa or sikarwar rajpoot?

There is no definitive hierarchy between different subcastes within the Rajput community. Both the Panwar Rajputs of Malwa and Sikarwar Rajputs have their own historical significance and cultural heritage. It is not appropriate to determine one as higher or lower than the other.

Is dhawan a sub caste of rajput?

Dhawan is a sub caste mostly used by Punjabis. But Dhawan subcaste is also found among Jats in Haryana in Bhiwani District and kshatriya Rajputs of Bundelkhand region of UP.

Palsokar surname belongs to which subcaste of Maharashtrian Brahmins?

My Surname Is Sharma But My Subcaste Is Sethi And Gotra Is Kashyap ..i Know It From Haridwar Pandit Who Register Our Clan From Last 5 Generations So I Want To Know About Sethi Subcaste Is A Brahmin Subcaste Or Not ?

Which is a higher subcaste Mair Rajput or Sikarwar Rajput?

Sikarwar Rajputs belong to Suriyavans clan . They are the cousins of Raghav (Bargujar Rajputs). They are the progeny of Maharajah Kanak Sen of Vallabhi Empire. The Gahilots or Sisodias too are co lineage progeny of Maharajah Kanak Sen. As such Sikarwars stand higher in the 'order of precedence'. Col D R Singh Sikarwar of Gahmar (.U.P)