Who are vashisht rajput?

Updated: 11/24/2023
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  1. Vashisht Rajput or Basith Rajputana's is clan of Kshatriya Rajput's they are descendents of Rishi Vaishishta (GURU OF HINDU PRINCE GOD RAMA & LASKHMAN) they live in Jammur & Kashmir region before the first Islamic invasion which was done muhammad ghaznavi) after the ghaznavi's invasion many of the Vashisht Rajput Kings were appointed as 'Senapati' or 'Main Advisors' of Muslim Kings in India / Hindustan ... later these Vashisht Rajput settled in Uttar Pradesh mainly in Ayodhya & Vaishishta Nagar.. there blood line is very rare and have Afghani and Kashmiri Roots in them!
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Basit or vasisht rajput caste is not schedule caste, so to remove its identity as schedule caste they are now called vashisht rajput.

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Q: Who are vashisht rajput?
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