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it doesnt cause pollution

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Q: Are there any positive effects to using solar energy?
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What energy do you get from the solar system?

That depends on what you are using to capture energy, if you are using solar panels to get it, then you are converting solar energy into electrical energy.

What energy occurs when using a solar oven?

solar energy

Is any one using solar energy?

We all are using solar energy directly or indirectly. Using solar energy doesn't only means using solar cell or solar heaters etc... but food is also a byproduct of sunlight, when we dry our clothes and grains insunlight it also a use of solar energy.

What country gets the most solar energy?

many country using solar energy like USA etc plz tell me the history of solar energy many country using solar energy like USA etc plz tell me the history of solar energy

How solar energy is used to run cars?

By using solar energy to charge the batteries

What are some pros and cons of using solar energy?

One will find using solar energy has it's own set of pros and cons. Since using solar energy doesn't produce pollution, it can help improve the environment of the earth. However, a con of using solar energy would be the production of the solar energy collecting devices, which do produce quite a bit of pollution.

What type of energy is solar energy converted to?

Solar Energy is typically converted into electricity and stored using a battery. There are other ways of using solar power but this is the most typical format

How can we trap solar energy?

by using solar photovoltaic (SPV) cells which traps solar energy and then converts it into electricity.

What is the impact of people using solar energy?

Solar energy is a renewable energy source, using it, we release less co2 into the atmosphere, thus stopping global warming. (solar powe is good)

How is solar energy recovered?

Solar energy is recovered through the use of solar panels, which contain photovoltaic cells that convert sunlight into electricity. These cells absorb photons from the sunlight, which then create an electrical current that can be used to power various devices or stored in batteries for later use.

How do various technologies or practices influence the use of solar energy?

Solar energy influences technologies to use solar panels to conserve energy by using solar panels.

What the benefits of using solar energy?

Once the equipment has been paid for, solar energy is free.