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That depends on when you read this text.

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Q: Are we currently in the gold silver bronze or iron age?
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Which product did colonists export to Africa?

iron products silver

Explain the transformation that took place in the construction of weapons during the Dark Age?

iron replaced bronze

What impact did iron tools have on China?

Shang Warriors used leather armor, bronze weapons, and horse -drawn chariots.

What are the three periods of Indian history?

Stone Age Bronze Age Iron Age

Where were the sutton hoo discoveries found?

* Apart from the jewels and weapons, lots of other objects were found in the burial chamber of the ship burial at Sutton Hoo. Some of them came from far away. The owner must have been very rich to bring them all the way to England. * There were 16 pieces of silver made in the Eastern Mediterranean: * ** A Byzantine silver dish (72.4 cm across) made during the Reign of Emperor Anastasius I (AD 491-518) ** A silver fluted bowl and handles ** A silver ladle. ** A small silver cup. ** 10 shallow silver bowls ** 2 silver spoons inscribed with the names of 2 Christians: 'Saul' and 'Paul' * There was a large bronze 'Coptic' bowl with handles. Coptic means that it was made in ancient Egypt. * There was a big set of drinking vessels: ** 2 big curly drinking horns . The horns probably came from big bulls called 'aurochs'. They are extinct now. ** 6 little bottles made of maplewood . ** 8 little cups made of burr-wood. ** They all had gold covered decorated silver plaques around their rims. * One of the most interesting things found was the remains of a wooden harp . This was a musical instrument. It would have been used by a minstrel when singing songs to a great lord or king. * Other objects included: ** 4 table knives with iron blades and bone handles. ** A few odd counters from an unknown board game. ** 3 bronze 'hanging bowls' on chains. ** A tub and 3 buckets. They were made of wood with iron bands to hold them together . ** 3 bronze cauldrons. One had an elaborate iron chain to hang it above a fire. ** An iron lamp. ** A pottery bottle. Most of the treasures can be seen at the British Museum.

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What are the five stages of man?

Gold, Silver, Bronze, Heroic, and Iron Ages

What were the five stages of creation of man?

Gold, Silver, Bronze, Heroic, and Iron.

Why did they make the gold as money before why not mercury copper silver platinum iron bronze or etc?

Gold was made before copper, silver and bronze. Making gold was easier and took a lot less time.

What are the five ages of man in Greek mythology?

Gold, Silver, Bronze, Heroic, and Iron.

What metals can you find in the home?

copper , iron, steel, aluminium, bronze silver gold

Odd one out in gold silver bronze and iron and why?

Iron - the rest are metals used in olympic medals.

What objects are conductors?

silver. copper. gold. aluminum. iron. steel. brass. bronze etc..

What other metals can be cleaned?

silver, copper, gold, iron, steel, tin, brass, bronze

Gold bronze and iron are types of?

Gold and iron are types of metals, while bronze is a metal alloy.

What are the different types of medals?

Different metals are Platinum. Gold. Silver, or silver-gilt, which is in fact used for Olympic “gold medals” Bronze. Pewter. Copper. Tin. Iron.

Is gold silver copper iron and nickel pure elements?

yes they are, but steel brass and bronze are mixtures of elements

Who did blacksmiths work with?

No. He only worked with heavy metal. Iron, bronze. A goldsmith or silversmith worked with gold and silver.