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Shang Warriors used leather armor, bronze weapons, and horse -drawn chariots.

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Q: What impact did iron tools have on China?
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What tools does China uses in wet rice cultivation?

iron tools

What tools did they use in China for farming?

They used iron plows

Are ingersoll rand impact wrenches made in the US?

Most os the hand tools are made in China with some specialty tools made in other countries outside the US. Power tools made in China.

What was the focus of Confucius teachings?

The focus was concerned with social order and good government

Who is the use of iron tools and implements in the sixth fifth centuries B C led to?

The use of iron tools and implements did not lead to any person!The use of iron tools and implements did not lead to any person!The use of iron tools and implements did not lead to any person!The use of iron tools and implements did not lead to any person!

What tools do ancient Chinese use?

Hi there the main utensils used in China are chopsticks to eat with.A wooden stirer to stir the noodles and stir fry.The knife to cut and prepare their food.The untensil are very basic in china and they dont use much mre than above.

What was the event that caused people to start making tools out of iron?

The discovery of smelting iron ore into iron and the development of iron tools was a major technological advancement. This transition occurred around 1200 BCE during the Iron Age, as iron tools were found to be stronger and more durable than tools made from previous materials like bronze or stone.

What name is given to a person who makes iron tools?

A person who makes iron tools is commonly referred to as a blacksmith. Blacksmiths use traditional techniques to shape and manipulate iron into various tools and objects.

How did the Iron age affect technology?

The Iron Age had a significant impact on technology as it marked the transition from using bronze to iron as the primary material for tools and weapons. Iron tools and weapons were stronger and more durable than their bronze counterparts, leading to advancements in agriculture, construction, and warfare. It also paved the way for other technological advancements, such as the development of iron smelting techniques and the rise of ironworking professions.

In the Iron Age what was iron used for?

Ploughshares, tools, weapons.

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Try wooden tools if haven't tried those! If that doesn't help I don't know what to tell you bro!

When did Nok villagers use iron tools?

Nok villagers used iron tools in about 500 B. C. E.