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It was. The Iron Age - the period during which Iron was the principal metal used in tools and weapons - began in about 1300 BC and lasted for centuries.

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Q: Why was there no iron around until the 20th century?
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What was Iron Cross awarded for during Civil War?

No, that is a 20th century award.

Iron age from 8th century bc until when?

1200 to 600 BCE.

Aluminium is much more common than iron so why wasnt it used until the beginning of the 20th century?

Aluminum is difficult to extract and purify. It was forst discovered in 1808 but a commercial method of production was only developed in the 1880's.

There is more aliminium on the earth than iron so why wasnt it used until the early twentieth century?

Aluminium wasn't used until the twentieth century due to the following reasons. They are difficult to extract in comparison with iron, they have higher abundance by less surficial concentration.

When US Steel a steel producer bougth control of iron ore companies at the beginning of the 20th century the company was initiating what kind of merger?

A Vertical Merger

What metal ore was introduced in Africa around the seventh century?

Iron ore was introduced in Africa around the seventh century, leading to the development of ironworking and iron tools across the continent. This sparked technological advancements in various African societies, contributing to their social and economic growth.

The developments in the cotton and iron industries made France the leading industrial country until the end of the 19th century?


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It was the line between the free nations of Europe and the nations under Soviet domination during the Cold War (c. 1945-1990). The countries of Eastern Europe and their citizens were under the authority of the USSR under one form or another until late in the 20th century.

What golf club was Samuel Ryder buried with?

He died in January 1936 at the age of 77 and was buried with his favorite five iron. The "mashie" was the historical golf club (wooden-shafted, mostly pre-20th Century) that most closely resembled today's 5-iron.

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What was the 18 century iron maiden made out of?

Generally, iron.