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At the Berlin Conference of 1884-1885 the European nations decided on how they would divide up the ownership of Central Africa to avoid fighting over it. The conference didn't actually approve the territorial claims of the European nations, but they did agree on a set of rules to avoid conflict in partitioning of the region.

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Q: At the Berlin Conference of 1884-1885 European nations?
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Site of a European conference that drew boundary lines to divide up the continent of Africa?

The city of Berlin, Germany was the site of the Berlin Conference from November, 1884 to February, 1885, during which European countries negotiated colonial boundaries and trade during the "Scramble for Africa" (New Imperialism) that began around 1880.

What was the Berlin conference about?

The Berlin Conference was pretty much the dividing of Africa. The country leaders of Austria-Hungary, Sweden-Norway, Portugal, Spain, Holland, The United Kingdom, and other European countries attended this. The countries went here because of the raw minerals and slaves in Africa. You might learn in class about the Triangle Trade which consists of the trading from European countries to African countries to the United States. The Berlin Conference was held in Berlin, Germany It took place from November 1884 to February 1885. Not even a year between the two. This is significant because the leaders did this to avoid war. That didn't really work out because Holland had control of South Africa. Great Britain decided to go and take Holland. There ended up being a war between the 2 and Great Britain won South Africa.

Who organized the Berlin Conference?

Otto Von Bismarck

How did Berlin conference contribute to the Scramble for Africa?

There the European Goverments divided Africa like a pie so they would not get in each others way or one could tip the balance in Europe

When were the rules for colonizing Africa established?

At the Berlin Conference of 1884

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Was the meeting of 14 European nations to divide Africa?

It was the Conference of Berlin

What did the European nations do at the Berlin Conference of 1884-1885?

What did the 15 European countries who met at the Berlin Conference in 1884 determine

What continent was divided up by the European nations at the Berlin Conference?


What was the meeting in 1884 of 14 European nations to determine rules for dividing Africa called?

The meeting in 1884 of 14 European nations to determine rules for dividing Africa was called the Berlin Conference. At this conference, rules were established for the colonization and division of Africa among the European powers.

What was the name of the meeting at which European nations agreed upon rules for the European colonization of Africa?

Berlin Conference

What meeting by European nations set the rules and conditions for the takeover of Africa?

Berlin Conference

How did the Africans take place in the Berlin conference of 1894?

The Africans took no place in the Berlin conference. There were 14 European nations there but no African tribal leaders were present.

How where the new African nations created?

Bounderies for new European countries were created at the Berlin Conference.

What event required European nations to inform others when claiming a new African?

The Berlin Conference

When was the Berlin conference and what did it do?

1884 - 1885. Goal was to divide up Africa between all the European nations except for Switzerland.

What event required European nations to inform others when claiming a new African territory?

The Berlin Conference

Why did Berlin conference of 1885 change the African way of living?

During the Berlin Conference of 1805, European nations divvied up Africa and claimed their colonial holdings. This would lead to decades of economic and social oppression as European nations used African resources and people to make money.