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The city of Berlin, Germany was the site of the Berlin Conference from November, 1884 to February, 1885, during which European countries negotiated colonial boundaries and trade during the "Scramble for Africa" (New Imperialism) that began around 1880.

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Q: Site of a European conference that drew boundary lines to divide up the continent of Africa?
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Site of European conference that drew boundary lines to divide up the continent of Africa?


What continent was divided up by the European nations at the Berlin Conference?


At which conference was the continent of Africa divided among European powers in 1885?

Berlin Conference

Which continent was divided into colonies by European countries at the Berlin conference of 1884 and 1885?

The country was Africa :)

What continent was divided at the Berlin Conference?


What Conference sought to decide how the African continent would be partitioned?

The Berlin Conference of 1884-1885 sought to partition the African continent among European powers. It resulted in the carving up of Africa without the consent of its inhabitants, leading to the colonization and exploitation of the continent's resources.

What was the international Berlin West Africa Conference in 1844-1845?

The Berlin Conference of 1884-85 was a conference that met to regulate colonization in Africa. It also met to regulate European trade on the continent. The outcome was the General Act of the Berlin Conference. This began a period of more colonial activity by Europeans by which they overtook the African countries.

How did the Berlin Conference affect Africa's development?

The Berlin Conference saw the continent of Africa divided and parceled out to the different colonial countries. The Conference established colonial rule in Africa and led to the exploitation of African resources.

What is the definition of European Partitioning?

The European Partitoning was a result of the Berlin conference. this was wen Africa was divided by the European powers.

What is the continent of south of Europe?

Africa is directly south of the European continent.

In what way did the Berlin coference of 1885 change the African way of living?

The Berlin Conference put almost the whole continent of Africa under European rule. European leaders removed some African rulers from power or changed the way they ruled; some European foods were also introduced to Africa.

What was the name of the meeting at which European nations agreed upon rules for the European colonization of Africa?

Berlin Conference