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Australia, or New South Wales as the eastern coast was then known, was originally a penal colony, meaning it was a colony for convicts from Great Britain.

Australia was first colonised by the British in order to relieve the overly full British prisons. However, only relatively small parts of Australia were used as penal settlements. Indigenous Australians inhabited the rest of the continent as well. As well as Sydney (the first settlement in New South Wakes), convict colonies were begun in Victoria, Moreton Bay (Queensland), Hobart and Newcastle. The colony of South Australia was never a penal settlement. Swan River (Perth) began as a free settlement, but convicts were sent there later as free labour.

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Australia was founded as a British colony, but it was not specifically for any one group of people. Initially, the colony housed convicts from Great Britain, but there were also large numbers of officers and marines, as well as the wives and children of some of the marines.

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Q: Australia was founded as a British colony for?
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What country once ruled Australia?

Australia was once a colony of Great Britain.

Where was Australia founded?

The continent of Australia was founded with the raising of the British flag at Sydney Cove. The first permanent settlement in Australia was founded by Captain Arthur Phillip on 26 January 1788.When the Commonwealth of Australia was founded, following the federation of the colonies on 1 January 1901, the proclamation was announced by Australia's first Governor-General, John Hope, at Centennial Park in Sydney.

What happened in 1607 AD?

In 1607, the settlement of Raleigh was founded in the Virginia colony. It was the first British settlement of its kind in North America.

Australia was first settled as a?

Australia was first settled as a penal colony, housing the excess convicts from England. However, this was not its only purpose. It was set up to become its own self-sufficient colony as the British wanted a strong presence in the Pacific. The continent also provided the British Empire with natural resources.

When was Australia founded?

Australia was founded on 26 January 1788, but it became 'The Commonwealth of Australia' upon federation of the states on 1 January 1901.In 1788 the British Government established a penal colony on the east coast of the continent called Terra Australis, which had been claimed by James Cook under the name of New South Wales when he charted it in 1770. (Originally, the Dutch called the western half of the continent New Holland.) The term 'Australia' was adopted for the continent in 1824, but it did not become a country until Federation in 1901.

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What US colony was founded as a British prison?

There was not a colony that was founded by prisoners. However, there was a colony founded so that it could be used as a British penal colony. That colony was Georgia.

In 1607 the British founded their first colony and called it?

The British colony of Jamestown was founded on the coast of what is now the state of Virginia in 1607. The colony was named after King James of England.

Who was to settle the British colony in Australia?

Governor Arthur Phillip led the First Fleet to Australia, establishing the first British colony in the land.

Who began the country of Australia?

The British Colony's

Why did British Columbia become a British colony?

Because British Columbia was found, settled, and founded by the British.

What US colony was founded home for British prisoners?


What US colony was founded as home for British prisoners?


Why did Australia become an English colony?

because the English founded it and were the first overseas colony to live here.

What was Australia like under the british colony?


Which large city became the first British colony in Australia?

The first British colony in Australia was Sydney. It was not a large city, but a very small settlement originally established as a penal colony at Port Jackson.

What type of colony did Britain establish in Australia?

Australia was originally a penal colony. This means that British convicts were shipped off to Australia to serve their sentences.