Babarnama as a source of history?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Describe the babarnama as a source of medieval history

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Q: Babarnama as a source of history?
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Who is the writer of babarnama?

Zahiruddin Muhammad Babur Autobiography Written in 1529 AD

What are the major source of history?

The major source of history is literature. Literature has been in existence since time immemorial and this may serve the purpose of a great source of history.

What was the main source for the early history of Hebrews?

The only source for this history, as of today, is the Torah (תורה).

What are the six sources of history?

Historical sources are classified as primary and secondary source. The primary source refers to the written or developed document or object during the study and the secondary source refers to the analogy or interpretation of the primary source.

What is non documentary source?

they are sources that are vital in writing african history . and it also vital for writing documentary source of history.

What is the primary source of history?

A primary source is an eyewitness account to an event.

What are the important source of history?

try to avoid sleeping in the history class

Secondary sources of history?

a source that is from someone that was not a the place

How do the source of history help us to study history?

Historians will help us.

What is meant by the nature of a source in history?

If the source is primary or secondary and what type of source it is (i.e. video, photograph, etc.)

What is meant by hand made of history?

its a primary source and second hand is a secondary source.

What is malungay or history of malungay?

malungay, is best source in protein, it is also a good source of iron............