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Q: Before ascending the English throne in 1689 William and Mary ruled which country?
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Did the English monarchy begin before parliament?

Yes. Centuries before.

What was the only country in Latin America to experience a fundamental revolution before the 1950s?

Mexico (1910-1921) is such country.

Who was the last King of England to go to battle?

After much discussion with colleagues, family and friends it was decided that the last English king was Richard III, from the House of York. What came before was either Saxon or French and what came after was Welsh (Tudors), Scottish (Stuarts), Dutch, German and so on.All English monarchs have had non-English antecedents in their ancestry, so the question of who was and who was not English must rest on where they were born and where and how they were raised before ascending to the throne.Although Victoria was born in England, she was raised by Germans and was said to speak with a German accent. But her son, Edward, and all subsequent monarchs of Great Britain have been considered to be thoroughly English, or British.On the other hand, there has been no King or Queen, of England since the 1707 Act of Union, when the monarchs became Kings, or Queens, of Great Britain. So by that reckoning, Richard III would have been the last English Monarch of England, with the rest, before 1707 being from non-English dynasties (Welsh and Scottish) and after 1707 being Monarchs of Great Britain, not of England.This is a decent answer, but I suspect that the person asking it does not mean literally English, but just who was our last king, and that was the present Queens father George V1

How was Henry treated when he return to his country?

He died before he could go back to his country, but he did accomplish many other things.

What country did Florida belong to before it became a part of the US?


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What did the English call William the Conqueror?

William the Bastard (as he was illegitmate) or officially the Duke of Normandy which he was before he conquered England.

What did William and Mary have to do before ruling England?

Accept the English Bill Of Rights. Hope I helped! :)

Do you use article 'the' before the name of a country?

Not in French, for example, you would, but not in English.

How was william Wallace famous?

William Wallace was famed as a Guardian of Scotland who fought and defeated the English before being captured and decapitated by them.

What country claimed Maryland before the US?

It was an English Colony.

Which country controlled the colony of New York before the English?

The Dutch.

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William Tyndale translated the Bible into English in 1525.

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No, she was a regular English girl from a well off family.

In which South American country is English spoken and why is it the natural language of that country?

English is the official language of Guyana, which used to be the colony of British Guiana before becoming independent in 1966.