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Q: Can you give me a free dominican fact sheet?
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Give you an example of a fact?

Here is an example of a fact: a cat is a mammal Here is an opinion: a cat is the most beautiful animal Here is how you tell the difference: a fact is something that everyone can agree to an opinion is something that not everyone can agree to.

What is the meaning of the world tenacity?

the quality or fact of being able to grip something firmly; grip.

Which is the best book for world history?

An extremely interesting book on world history is "Guns, Germs, and Steel" by Jared Diamond. Unfortunately, it will not give you the "one fact after another" that you might be after, but it instead provides an possible explanation for why societies turned out the way they did.

What were the Causes of slave and serf emancipation?

government was separated in culture and geographically from the serfs. This caused a threat of revolt as the conditions for serfs to work and live were becoming too dire. There was also a famine meaning that serfs had to give away too much of there produce in the form of tax, circling back round to the fact that there were bad living conditions. You must also take into account the fact that Alexander II had took a 7 month tour of 30 different Russian provenances, meaning we would have seen the conditions they were living in.

What mistakes the allies made after World War 1 that led to World War 2?

They didn't give much to Italy and Japan, despite the fact that they had been equal allies with the other countries, such as the US and Britain. Their worst mistake, however, was the Treaty of Versailles. This was MUCH too harsh, and is actually remembered more as the major cause of WWII than as the end of WWI.

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