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Roman shades should not be machine washed. This could damage the rolling capabilities and cause them to lose shape as well.

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Q: Can you machine wash roman shades?
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Which windowshades are easiest to clean?

Roman shades are easiest because they can be washed in the machine.

Are roman shades very hard to keep clean?

Roman shades are difficult to keep clean, but it can be done. They should be vacuumed, spot cleaned, machine washed, steam cleaned, then sent to the dry cleaners for full cleaning.

Roman Shades ?

form_title= Roman Shades form_header= Install roman shades in your home with help from the pros. What are the size of your windows?*= _ [50] What colors do you want?*= _ [50] Do you want energy-efficient shades?*= () Yes () No () Not Sure

Where can I buy some Roman shades?

You can buy roman shades on websites like "blinddesign" or "grafilux". You can also go to an accessory shop and buy roman shades in there, most accessory shops sell these.

What is the most accurate way to measure windows for Roman Window shades?

This site offers detailed, step-by-step instructions for measuring for Roman shades. It gives instructions for both regular Roman shades as well as Fusion shades:

Where do i find some Roman window shades?

Usually any company that sells window treatment will also sell Roman window shades. You can go on and find a nice selection of Roman shades there.

What are the different types of Roman shades?

The different types of Roman shades are Classic, Hobbled, Relaxed, and even top-down. Roman shades are very elegant and provide the perfect amount of light and privacy.

What is the history behind roman shades?

The Romans did not have a word for Roman shades of blinds because they did not have them. Roman shades or blinds derive their name from the fact that they look a bit like the wooden shutters the Romans had.

Where can I find information about Roman shades?

Roman shades are a popular type of window treatment. To find more information on the styling and function of Roman shades, try browsing this website for great examples of this design concept:

Do the cords on roman shades tangle easily?

Most roman shades do tangle easily, but there are cord accessories that can help you avoid this.

What's the difference between Roman Window shades and normal shades?

Unlike normal curtains or blinds, roman window shades have several segments of fabric that roll down over the window. Here's a picture:

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