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You could be a.....


2.Combat nurse

3.FBI agent

4.Graphic designer

5.Interior designer





10.Hair stylist






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Q: Can you name you some types of jobs?
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Can you name some types of names of jobs from Argentina?

hte main types of jobs are farming

What are some of the types of jobs advertised on the Telegraph Jobs website?

Some of the types of jobs advertised on the Telegraph Jobs website are "Engineering jobs", "Defence jobs", "Manufacturing jobs" and even "Aerospace jobs".

What type of jobs have executive in their title?

There are many different types of jobs that have "executive" in their name. Some of the jobs that include executive in their title are "Executive Management" and Executive Officer".

Name three types of important jobs that are significant to the economy of Houston?

What are 3 types of important jobs that are significant to the economy of Houston

What types of jobs are in Ghana?

There are many types of jobs in Ghana. Some of these include hauling, cement block manufacturing, tailoring, as well as service jobs.

What are some types of front office jobs?

Some types of front office jobs are the receptionist, accountant, and boss. These front jobs pay Much more than back office jobs. In my opinion a receptionist is the best front office jobs.

Can you name some types of jobs having to do with babies?

There are lots of jobs dealing with babies. You could be a labor and delivery nurse or a daycare provider, there are many other options as well.

What jobs are available at the University of Pennsylvania?

University of Pennsylvania has many different types of jobs. The jobs offer different types of qualifications to secure a job. Some jobs are technical support, and janitors.

What types of jobs are usually VA jobs?

These types of jobs are for veterans from wars who have spent a long time out of the working market. Some companies offer jobs for these people and the positions are known to be VA jobs. Shortly said - these are jobs saved for veterans.

What are some Types of laissez-faire jobs?

Frazier is the best

What are some different types of Ocean Jobs?

Marine bioligist .

What types of medical jobs are available?

Some types of medical jobs are doctors, nurses, hospital administration and doctors assistants. These are all pretty good paying jobs and there is always a need.