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Gold bullion, silver and pearls were sometimes carried by Spanish treasure ships. However, they sometimes carried more ordinary items such as tobacco and lumber.

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Q: Carried by spanish treasure ships
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What did the ships carry on the ships?

they carried cargo spices and goods

English raider of spanish ships?

Francis Drake

The largest treasure found in the New World before 1540 was held by the?

The largest treasure was found by Fransico Pizzaro, In his Spanish conquest of the Incas.

What Do Tudor Ships Look Like?

HERES SOME INFO Henry VII was the first king to build ships especially for war since the times of Alfred the Great. He also encouraged people to build merchant ships for trade. Henry VIII continued this. Ships were high and narrow and carried large numbers of guns. Some were carried on the upper decks whilst heavy guns were put between decks and were fired through holes cut in the sides of the ships. Here is some info about the owner of the ship Sir Francis Drake Drake sailed round the world between 1577 and 1580 in his ship the Golden Hind. It was 75 feet long and 20 feet wide. There was not much room for the seamen. They had to live, eat and sleep in small spaces which were hardly ever dry. They usually slept on bare boards and had very little apart from the clothes they wore. They lived off salt pork and beef, cheese, dried fish and biscuits. Without fresh fruit and vegetables the seamen used to catch scurvy. This made them tired and stopped them from working properly. Lots of them died unless they were put ashore to find fresh food. The Spanish had conquered much of central and South America by 1550. Their fleets carried back large amounts of gold and silver to Spain. English ships used to attack these treasure ships and steal their goods. Drake's ships captured a huge amount of gold and silver on their trip around the world. When he returned home in 1580 he was knighted. The Spanish gathered a fleet in Cadiz harbour in 1587, ready to invade England. Drake sailed into the harbour and destroyed over 20 of the Spanish warships. Drake called this the "singeing of the King of Spain's beard".

War of Jenkins's Ear how many volunteers returned home?

In the Jenkins' Ear, thirteen ships of volunteers were sent to help the Spanish test their defenses. Six of these ships returned home.

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What was carried by Spanish treasure ships?


Who raided spanish ships?

Ships were commonly raided during voyages. Pirates often raided Spanish ships for treasure and these ships were also raided and attacked by ships from other countries.

Who the English captain who captured Spanish treasure ships?

francis drake

How did Spanish transport their stolen gold?

The Spanish transported their stolen gold on treasure ships they sent back to Spain.

Who established a colony for a purpose of raiding Spanish treasure ships?

Sir Francis Drake

Who established a colony for the purpose of raiding spanish treasure ships?

Sir Francis Drake

What were the English gentlemen pirates that attacked the Spanish treasure ships called?

sea dogs

What did Sir Francis Drake acomplish?

He plundered many Spanish ships in south America and also, he brought hoards of riches of treasure form Spanish ships he had sunk,.

What was the name of the English sailors who raided spanish treasure ships?

francis drake

What made Queen Elizabeth knight Sir Francis Drake?

Because he captured Spanish treasure ships.

Why did the Spanish aramada atttack England?

There were many reasons such as religion, Elizabeth killing Mary his wife and Drake stealing treasure from Spanish ships

Should Mel Fisher have given his treasure to Spain. Explain your thinking?

No, because the Spanish ships stole the gold.