Cathrine of cleves children

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Answer King Henry VIII of England had six wives - none of whom were "Cathrine of Cleves." They were: Catherine of Aragon Anne Boleyn Jane Seymour Anne of Cleves Catherine Howard Catherine Parr.

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Q: Cathrine of cleves children
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Did ann of cleves have children?

No, Anne of Cleves did not have any children.

Anne of Cleves children?

She had no children.

When day did anne of cleves have her baby on?

Anne of Cleves never had any children.

Why didn't Anne of Cleves have any children?

That is a lie. Anne of Cleves had one child, Elizabeth.

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Names of anne of cleves children?

Anne of Cleves (September 1515 to July 1557) was the Queen of England from January 1540 to July 1540 and fourth wife of King Henry VIII. There were no known children of Anne of Cleves.

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When were Anne of Cleves children born?

She never had any.

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Yes he did he had 6 children with Cathrine Coffin.