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She grew up in Cleves, which is now called Kleve. It's in Northern Germany, near the border with Holland. She had a narrow shave, nearly marrying Henry VIII, and managed to escape with her life.

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Anne of Cleves was the fourth wife of King Henry VII. She was born on September 22, 1515 in Dusseldorf, Germany.

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Anne of Cleves came from Germany.

She was born in 1515 at Dusseldorf.

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Q: What country was anne of cleves from?
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Which country was anne of cleves born in?

Anne of Cleves, Henry VIII's fourth wife was born and raised in Germany.

What was anne of cleves full name?

Anne of Cleves' full name was Anne of Cleves, also known as Anne of Cleves, Princess of Cleves and Duchess of Cleves.

Was anne of cleves popular?

anne of cleves was popular but not that popular

What is anne of cleves birthplace?

Anne of Cleves was born September 22 1515 in Dusseldorf, Cleves, Germany.

Who ruled after Anne of Cleves?

Katheryn Howard followed Anne of Cleves

Which wife of Henry VIII was German?

Anne of Cleves.

Did ann of cleves have children?

No, Anne of Cleves did not have any children.

When day did anne of cleves have her baby on?

Anne of Cleves never had any children.

What is Anne of Cleves's birthday?

Anne of Cleves was born on September 22, 1515.

Who were the parents of anne of cleves?

Anne of Cleves was the daughter of John III, Duke of Cleves and Maria, Duchess of Julich-Berg.

Where was anne cleves married?

Henry VIII and Anne of Cleves were married at Greenwich Palace.

Why didn't Anne of Cleves have any children?

That is a lie. Anne of Cleves had one child, Elizabeth.