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Anne and Henry wed on 6 January 1540. The marriage was formally annulled on 9 July 1540.

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The two were married for exactly 6 months.

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Q: How long did the marriage to Anne of cleves last?
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How long did Henry viii and Anne of Cleve's marriage last for?


How long was Anne Of Cleves queen for?

Anne of Cleves was queen consort of Henry VIII of England for just over six months, from January 6th to July 9th, 1540.

Where did Catherine of Aragon spend her childhood?

Ann spent her childhood in cleves which is in the low countires. It is believed that she had a very cruel and puritain upbringing in this very protestant court. Her brother ruled the household after her fathers mental deteriation and did so with a violence. He regurlary beat anne with a stick if she showed any sort of "wantonness". This may be why her and the notourisly hot blooded henry the 8th never consummated their marriage. It was reported that anne had a life long fear of her brother and this is why she chose to remain in england after her divorce.

What anne of cleves wore?

Anne of Cleves was a German lady who had a very sheltered up bringing, and was very reserved. Her dress sense was typical German at the time, which consisted of dressing that was very unflattering and unsophisticated. However once the marriage had been annulled Anne of Cleves was believed to have dramatically changed her dress sense, and began wearing the latest fashions of the time.

How long was Anne of Cleves queen?

Anne of Cleves was the fourth of King Henry VIII's six wives. They married on 6th January 1540 and the marriage was annulled on 9th July the same year. Henry chose her to be a wife based on a painting. The painter made her look better than she was.

How long was Henry VIII married to Anne of cleeves?

Answer Anne of Cleves was the fourth of King Henry VIII's six wives. They married on 6th January 1540 and the marriage was annulled on 9th July the same year. See

How long did Anne of Cleves have to wait until Henry would marry her?

she didnt it wasnt true xx

Which wife of Henry VIII had four husbands?

King Henry VIII of England married six times. His fourth wife was Anne of Cleves. Anne of ClevesThis is the info that I could get:Anne of Cleves (divorced)Born: 22 September, 1515 at Dusseldorf, Cleves, Germany.Nationality: GermanMarried Henry:6 January, 1540 at Greenwich Palace, London.Divorced: 9 July, 1540Died: 16 July,1557 at Chelsea Old Palace, LondonBuried: Westminster Abbey.Anne was born in 1515 in the small north German state of Cleves (close to the border of Holland). Her parents were John III of Cleves and Marie of Julich. Anne married Henry in 1540 to form a tie between England and the Protestant princes of Germany. After only six months Henry found the political alliance no longer to be to his advantage and so divorced her the same year. She died in 1557.Anne of Cleves. She and Henry were married in 1540 but the marriage was not a success. Henry found her unappealing on just about every level. The marriage had been arranged largely for purposes of political alliance. The marriage negotiations took a long time and by the time Anne had arrived in England the need for the alliance which she represented was already passing. Henry claimed the marriage had never been consummated and he saw little reason to remain tied to Anne for life. She was very sensible about all this and settled for the title of "King's sister" and a comfortable endowment.King Henry VIII's fourth wife was Anne of Cleves. The King agreed to marry her based upon a portrait, but upon seeing her, he decided he could not be happy with her as he was not physically attracted to Anne. Based on the news that Anne had previously been betrothed to another Francis of Lorraine, the King sought an annulment from Anne. She agreed to the terms of the annulment and was given a generous settlement including Hever castle. In addition, she was granted the title of the King's Beloved Sister. Besides the King's future wives and daughters, Anne of Cleves was held in the highest esteem of Henry.It was Anne of Cleves.Anne Of Cleeves was Henry's fourth wife, for only six months in 1540, from January 6th to July 9. She has become known as "The Flanders Mare" because the king is said to have disliked her appearance. Her pre-contract of marriage with Francis, Duke of Lorraine, was cited as grounds for an annulment. Anne agreed to this, claiming that the marriage had not been consummated, and she was given a generous settlement, including Hever Castle, former home of Henry's former in-laws, the Boleyns. She was given the name "The King's Sister", and became a friend to him and his children. She outlived both the king and his last two wives.After the tragic death of his third wife, Jane Seymour, who died after giving birth to their son Edward; Henry VIII (1491 - 1547) was eventually persuaded to marry again. However, this fourth wife, Anne of Cleves (1515 - 1557) a German noblewoman, was chosen via a portrait Henry had commissioned, and when he saw her in the flesh, he was extremely unhappy with her appearance (he called her "the Flanders Mare"). Although he went ahead with marrying Anne on 6 January 1540, he refused to consummate the marriage, so this was annulled, but at least Anne of Cleves was generously "paid off" and did not lose her head.anne of clevesAnne of Cleves

How long did it take Henry to marry Anne of Cleves following death of Jane Seymore?

About 6-8 months.

How long did Henry viii and anne of cleaves marriage last?

Answer Anne Boleyn was the second of Henry VIII's six wives. She was tried, convicted and executed for treason, witchcraft and incest on 19th May 1536. The King became betrothed (engaged in modern parlance) to Jane Seymour on 20th May 1536 and they were married ten days later, on 30th May 1536.

Was Henry VIII's fourth marriage for love or position reasons?

I'm really not sure if you chose the right queen to ask this question about ...since Anne of Cleves and Henry's marriage did not last very long... before it was annulled. He never meet Anne before he married her... he agreed to marry her after looking at her picture... and it said that after he met her that..."she looked like a horse"...(this part of my statement is debatable) We must remember that Henry Vlll was a Tudor and known to be a very ruthless family.... and he was desperate for a heir... and while he had a son by the name of Edward -- he was a weak and sickly boy... So he also knew how important it was to have a spare heir...

How long will a marriage last if it was started by an affair?

Not for so long.