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Q: Defeat in the Opium Wars forced this country to grant broad rights to Britain?
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How did america become a free country?

Congress adopting the Declaration of Independence was the initiating act, and defeat of the British and French armies forced Great Britain to recognize the sovereignty of the American colonies.

In what way did the English got there rights?

they got there rights during world war two bec. Of the Japanese and Chinese who ruled our country but they did not got our country bec. The America help us to defeat them.

What was the position of American Rebels in comparison to the position of Loyalists?

The American rebels in the American Revolution were fighting for their rights and their country against the mother country, Britain. On the other hand, the Loyalists remained supportive of Britain against the rebels in the war.

Why did most colonists have a positive attitude toward Britain in 1763?

· because they had just helped defeat Britain's longtime rival, France, in the French and Indian War · because they took pride in their English heritage · because they enjoyed their rights and freedoms as Englishmen

France and Great Britain expanded voting rights?

France and Great Britain expanded voting rights.

Did Undertaker defeat Kane at Bragging Rights 2010?


Will Undertaker defeat Kane at bragging rights?


Who has the tv rights to show euro 2008 in Britain?

bbc, itv and british eurosport have the rights to euro 2008 in Britain

Was the bill of rights proposed in an attempt to defeat the constitition?

no it wasn't

What are England's rights?

England is a country. As a country it has the same rights as any other country.

What three rights does the Declaration of Independence cover?

the declaration of Independence states that the 13 colonies all want to separate from Britain and become there own country . it also states 1 to 2 complaints and why they want to separate from Britain.

What makes somone a veteran?

Veterans are individuals that served in the armed forces of their country. They put their lives at risk, voluntarily or by being forced, to serve their country. Their service provides security to the country in lots of ways, allowing people at home to be safe and keep their rights.