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By using the writing hieroglyphs, the ancient Egyptians were able to write down records. Also they used hieroglyphs as a way to keep track of the kingdom's growing wealth. And as the empire grew, it became necessary to create more hieroglyphs for more complicated ideas.

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Q: Describe how the Egyptians used hieroglyphs to communicate?
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What did ancient Egyptians used to communicate?


Describe how the Egyptians hieroglyphs to communicate?

They used pictures for the alphabet. for example a picture of two legs means "go". Other pictures stands for sounds. For example, a drawing of an owl stands for "m" sound.

What was the name of picture writing used by Egyptians?


How do Egyptians use hieroglyphs to communicate?

Hieroglyphics were the Ancient Egyptian form of writing. They were used for writing down everything, not just stories.

How would you describe hieroglyphics?

Type of writing that early Egyptians used to communicate ,but also for religion

What are pharaoh symbols?

Hieroglyphs is the language used by ancient Egyptians.

How the Egyptians used hieroglyphs to communicate?

The hieroglyphic writing was used on both stone monument and for daily records and communication on papyrus scrolls. However most of the population was illiterate and this writing was primarily used by specially educated scribes.

What tools did the Egyptians use to communicate?

the egyptians used a fether and ink to communicate

Who used hieroglyphs?

It was originally used of Egyptian writing but is also used of Cretan, Luwian, Mayan and Mi'jmaq writing as well as of some Chinese script. The Ancient Egyptians used hieroglyphics as their writing system. Egyptians used hieroglyphs. it also translated by a stone called the Rosetta stone. it was translated in three languages. the Greeks saw there language and figured out how to translate the hieroglyphs.

How did the egyptians used hieroglyphs to comunacate?

They wrote it usually on stone or mud tiles

Who used ancient hieroglyphs?

The most known are the Egyptians. Other civilizations used them like the Mayans.

What are some of the images used in ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs?

Some images that were used in ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs writing were simple representations of items like animals, jewellery, swords, and symbols. The Egyptians used these hieroglyphs to tell their story for future generations.