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Q: Term used describe a group that has less than half of the population?
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What are clusters in musical terms?

The term "cluster" is usually used to describe a group of notes that are as close as a half step or whole step apart played simultaneously.

Which term is used to describe half of a sphere by the prime meridian or the equator?


What term used to describe rate of radioactive isotopes?

Half-life (in units of time).Half-Life is the rate of radioactive decay, measured in time. The half life gives the time it take for half of the radioactive atoms in a system to decay. Fore example, if you have 10 grams of carbon-14, it will take 5730 years for half of it to decay, giving you 5 grams. In another 5730 years, you'll have 2.5 grams left, etc...Isotopes decay at an exponential rate. A half-life is the time that half of the population of an isotope will decay. The measure is a statistical probability and is more accurate when a large population is observed. The term half-life is applied to describe a property of a given isotope (i.e. the half-life of Carbon 14 is 5730).half life

Which group represented about half of the population of Florida in 1830?

enslaved people

What does not describe the changes in western Europe in the second half of the eleventh century?

The decline in population.

People in a make up less than half of the population?

minority group

What aboriginal people make up half the population of Nunavut?

North west: Indian people is the main group. in fact, there is no group making up more than half of the population there since the total percentage of aborigional people there is 50%. Nunavut(North east). Inuit people is the largest group, the amount of them is 22,432, 85% of the total population there

Which group did Wilson most want to help during the first half of his term?


describe the population distribution of china?

Population density varies strikingly, with the greatest contrast occurring between the eastern half of China and the lands of the west and the northwest.

How many hemispheres of the US?

Thats a term to describe the globe. A hemisphere is half, upper & lower. US is in the Norther half. Equator would be the dividing line.

What is the Japanese word hapa?

"Hapa" is a term used to describe people of mixed Asian descent, usually half Asian and half Caucasian. It originated in Hawai'i.

Which group of aboriginal people make up more than half of the population of nunavut?

The Inuit make up over 80% of Nunavut's population.