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Q: Describe three positive effects the Civil War had on the economy of Texas.?
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How did the civil war affect the souths economy?

Ruined it. The blockade stopped them from exporting their cotton. Nearly all the battles were on Southern soil, causing endless damage. Later, Sheridan and Sherman went out of their way to wreck farms and railroads, aiming to destroy the Southern economy. Eventually the Confederate dollar became a joke-currency.

How did the South's reliance on a slave labor system restrict its ability to diversify its economy?

Prior to the US Civil War, the United States, looking upon it as a whole, had an economy with no restrictions for the Northern or Southern parts of it, except for the fact that certain crops like cotton were better suited to the warmer southern climates. The North had a larger population and waterfalls to provide the power to run grain mills & textile factories. The economy there was also to a degree based on crops that the climate & soil could handle. The Southern economy was based largely on cash crops that were shipped to the North. Textile mills, for instance used the cotton from southern plantations. The South exported cotton along with tobacco overseas. Tobacco was a new crop found in the New World and was marketed world wide. Cotton was exported to England, for instance, to fuel English textile mills. The large crop plantations had the advantage of cheap slave labor. These large farmlands combined with the more industrious parts of the North made the entire US economy well balanced. Thus there was no pressing need for factory development in the South. This answer is not meant to speak about the nature of slavery, which was not a positive feature of the economy.

How did the civil war affect economy north and south?

The North, with its factories and large cities, had less use for slave labor. Economic differences between the North and South, and the South's insistence on maintaining slavery, eventually led to war.~Emily

When did mugabe first became president?

When Robert Mugabe came to power in 1980 the talk was of peace and co-operation after decades of white colonial rule and a bitter civil war, but despite this talk, his reign brought extreme poverty, decline in average life spans, and Zimbabwe's collapsing economy.

Does Russia have civil law?

Yes, Russia has the civil law. This is the relationship between citizens and the State. The civil law consists of the Civil Code of Russian Federation and other federal laws adopted in accordance with it, governing civil law relations. Civil law relations may also be regulated by decrees of the President of Russia, which must not contradict the Civil Code and other laws.

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What are the positive effects of the civil war?

the end of slavery.

What was the effect of civil war on US economy?

The effects are it declined the economy miserably and sent them into the Great Depression

What are the effects of a nation divided by civil war?

The effects of a nation divided by civil war include a poor economy, poverty, crime and death of the citizens which occurs during the war. Civil war leads some of the citizens into being refugees.

What were the positive and negative effects of the pendleton civil service act?

It reduced the powers of the spoils system.

What effects did the civil war have on the economy and social system of the south?

pretty much smashed both of them for a few years

What was the name of the book published in 1776 which attempted to describe a market economy?

The Truth about Economies United State during the Civil war

Which statements below best describe the state of the Southern economic infrastructure during the Civil War?

Ample foreign trade bolstered the economy.

What were effects of the civil war on the nation's economy?

The nation was starting out becoming a economic power house. We bought the majority of our weapons from England, Spain, and France. Doing this provided a great economy for the nations selling and us.

South economy after civil war?

Their Economy Flourished.

How would you describe the South's postwar economy?

The South's economy was left devastated by the Civil War. Farming was less profitable. Infrastructure such as railroads needed to be repaired. At least a fourth of working-age white men were killed during the war, which cast many families into poverty.

Where does Civil engineering fit into the economy?

The house you are staying, the road on which you travel, are all just minor parts of civil engineering; you can now imagine its importance in economy. It is the driver of economy.

What were the positive effects of the Reconstruction on Southern society?

Some positive effects of Reconstruction on Southern society included the establishment of public education systems, infrastructure development such as roads and railroads, and the granting of civil rights to newly freed slaves through the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments to the U.S. Constitution. These changes helped to lay the foundation for a more inclusive society in the post-Civil War South.