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Ruined it.

The blockade stopped them from exporting their cotton. Nearly all the battles were on Southern soil, causing endless damage. Later, Sheridan and Sherman went out of their way to wreck farms and railroads, aiming to destroy the Southern economy.

Eventually the Confederate dollar became a joke-currency.

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because it just did

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Q: How did the civil war affect the souths economy?
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What was the souths economy like during the civil war?

Before the War it was great. During and afterwards it was terrible.

How did the civil war hurt the souths economy?

it caused inflation, prices rose 9,000 percent %

How did the war affect regional economies?

The Civil War greatly improved the economy of the North but harmed the economy of the South.

Who was the Souths president duing civil war?

Jefferson Davis

The souths main goal of the civil war was to?

to recognition that they are their own "country" that is the main purpose why the south started the civil war

Who was the souths greatest general during the Civil War?

was the key general of the south during the civil war

How did the civil war affect the Texas economy?

The Civil War caused Texas to lose crucial imports and a large part of its population.

What was the Souths people like before the civil war?

Many before and after the war were white supremacists.

Was Jefferson Davis a present in the civil war?

yes,he was president of the souths side

What was the souths condtions after the civil war?

=The war was fought in the south so the land was destroyed. And crops were taken.=

What was the Souths Plan going into the Civil War?

the souths plan was for to wait till the north gave up or got tired like fort Sumter

What was the south's war strategy during the Civil War?

The souths plan to win the war was to repel the attacks instead of invading the North.