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Bartholomew had a wife and two kids but i don't know their names

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Q: Did Bartholomew Dias have any kids?
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What is Bartholomew Dias' country of origin?

Bartholomew Dias is from Portugal.

Did Bartholomew Diaz have kids?

Yes, Bartolomeu Dias was married and had two children, António and Simão.

What is Bartholomew Dias favorite color?

There is no information available about what Bartholomew Dias' favorite color was.

Was Bartholomew Dias a viking?


From what continent did bartholomew dias sail?

the continent of Bartholomew is Asia to Africa

Who was Bartholomew Dias wife?

It was something dias de novaias

What supplies did Bartholomew Dias have on his ship?


Discovered the Cape of Storms?

Bartholomew dias

What was the country of Bartholomew Dias' birth?

Portugal, and yes it is a country (if you didnt know).

Were did bartholomew dias travel?

No one really knows where Bartholomew traveled, and no one really cares

Did Bartholomew Dias find the tip of Africa?


Where did Bartholomew Dias sail in 1488?

asnwer it dumasses