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Q: Did Captain America capture Anna Kreisling?
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When was Anna kreisling born?

January 10th 1920

Is Anna Kreisling The White Wolf of the Luftwaffe Gay?

Anna Kreisling, The White Wolf of the Luftwaffe was born on June 10, 1910 in Berlin Germany. As a young girl she did enjoy kissing Santa Claus and other girls also. When she was 26 years old the NEW YORK TIMES took a picture of her on stage at the Berlin Olympics! Anna Kreisling has never considered herself gay, however when she drinks to many beers she enjoys kissing anyone available including horses and beermaidens. Mel Brooks and Bill Clinton can both testify how one look from Anna Kreisling can do wonders for your health! Anna Faris on the set of Saturday Night Live tried to our drink Anna Kreisling and they wound up in a hot tub for two days making out!! During World War II Heinrich Himmler sent her to Tibet for one month to study the men in Tibet, her report to Heinrich was that they were all Aryans and they all had boners from gazing at her!!

What has Mossad uncovered about Anna Kreisling?

Israeli Intelligence has learned that Hannah Kreisling, Anna's mother was a Baltic German from Estonia. They lived on the coast right across from Finland. In 1916 she went to Germany and cared for the wounded as a Nurse. In October of 1918 she cared for a German soldier who had been blinded by gas. His name was Adolf Hitler. Hannah saw Hitler through to a full recovery and she twice prevented him from taking his life because of despair and emotional trauma. Hitler and Hannah both loved Germany and became members of the Thule organization. On January 10,1920 Hannah gave birth to ANNA Kreisling in Berlin. Hitler and Rudolf Hess were present when Anna was born.

Why did Heinrich Himmler believe Anna Kreisling was of pure Aryan Blood?

Heinrich Himmler Lord of the SS believed that 20,000 years ago Tibet was visited from Outer Space by Blonde Blue-eyed Aryans. Many statues and carvings in Tibet confirm this. The Viking Runes found in Tibet match those in Norway and Scandinavia. In 1927 Heinrich Himmler saved Anna Kreisling in the Black Forest in Germany. She was found in a golden coffin floating above the ground. Dark LORDS had brought her here for execution. When Heinrich and Leni Reifenstahl revived her they found that her memoriese had been erased, but her accent and speech were an ancient form of German. Heinrich took in this German maiden and trained her how to fly, and because of her incredible feats with swords and knives she was asked to join the 12 SS Knights at Wewelsburg Castle. Both Hitler and Heinrich Himmler believed Anna Kreisling was of pure Aryan Blood!

Who was Flugakapitan Anna Kreisling?

Anna Kreisling was the second most famous Luftwaffe Lady pilot in World War II!! She was also Heinrich Himmler's favorite KNIGHT of the Round Table at Wewelsburg Castle. This of course was kept secret along with the way that Heinrich Himmler saved her life in the Black Forest in 1927. Anna Kreisling, The White Wolf of the Luftwaffe is famous for three major reasons. Her legendary flying at Stalingrad, flying the Junkers Ju-52. She was the Co-Pilot on the Junkers JU-390 that took off from Norway, overflew Canada, Michigan and then flew right over the Empire State Building of New York City, on August 28th, 1943! While in Japan in 1945 she personally saved the Emperor of Japan! Stalin had ordered the Emperor to be killed and he was enraged when he found out that The White Wolf had saved him!

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Why is Obama afraid of the White Wolf Anna Kreisling?

Anna Kreisling is married to one of the wealthiest men in the world. They are both friends of Bill Clinton and consider him to be the last great President of the United States of America. Obama is jealous of Bill Clinton and hates people who will not contribute to his Billion dollar Presidential Campaign. He also knows that Anna Kreisling is protected by the CIA and the OSS from World War II. He also knows that Anna Kreisling considers him a Communist and an Atheist, two very good reasons she will not contribute money to him. She considered Bill Clinton a great leader who always put America first. Anna Kreisling saved Bill Clinton's life in 1997 when he was kidnapped in Bahrain by some smelly Iranian Terrorists. Anna Kreisling also defended Ann Coulter in 2003 at Cornell University when the students called her a Nazi!! Anna Kreisling told these rude students that she was proud to be a Nazi, and Ann Coulter was a nice Liberal compared with her ideas on how to save the United States!!

Did President Roosevelt tell SUPERMAN in 1937 to capture Anna Kreisling?

Yes! On February 22nd, 1943, President Roosevelt met with SUPERMAN at the White House and told him what was going on at Wewelsberg Castle owned by the SS and Heinrich Himmler. President Roosevelt wanted SUPERMAN to fly to Germany and capture Anna Kreisling!! When SUPERMAN arrived he learned that Anna Kreisling was in Tibet on an SS Expedition to uncover a FLYING SAUCER that had crashed there 3,500 years ago. INDIANA JONES had left two weeks before to try to find artifacts that had been dug up at this site! It was at this archaelogical dig that INDIANA JONES convinced Anna Kreisling to help him enter the Tomb of the Cobra God Phankelton in Egypt!

When was Anna kreisling born?

January 10th 1920

Did Captain America and Indiana Jones fight the Nazi White Wolf?

In 1937 President Roosevelt asked Indiana Jones to go to Tibet and find what the Nazi's were removing from a crashed Flying Saucer. Captain America was at the meeting and knew that this was a very dangerous mission! When they arrived in Tibet they found Anna Kreisling, The White Wolf of the Luftwaffe already had collected a large number of objects that she was doing research on. Anna had crystal ice blue eyes, frost blonde hair, Leni Reifenstahl described Anna as gorgeous beyond belief! She was tall and a very gifted athelete. Heinrich Himmler had her personally trained with swords and knives!! As they gazed at her Captain America told Indiana Jones to get lost that he was going to get in the back seat of a Buick with her. Indiana Jones beat the crap out of Captain America and tied him up and then tried to steal some of Anna Kreisling's artifacts. She clobbered him with a left hook and then felt sorry for him. For the next two weeks she enjoyed his company while she worked near the crash site!

Why does Kate Upton admire Anna Kreisling?

Kate Upton admires Anna Kreisling for her passion and dedication to her work, her persistence in overcoming obstacles, and her ability to inspire others through her achievements and character.

Why is Barbra Streisand friends with Anna Kreisling?

Barbra Streisand and Anna Kreisling were in a fist fight in an elevator with Bill Clinton! Barbra did not know that she was Bill Clinton's Personal Pilot, so she threw the first punch! Anna Kreisling broke her nose, which actually helped straighten it! After this fight the two women became fast friends and Anna Kreisling and Barbra have delivered over 876 Hydrogen Bombs to Israel. It took Bill Clinton 35 minutes to separate these two women once they started fighting. Fans of boxing said it was the fight of the century!!

Why are there no photos of Anna Kreisling?

Ever hear of a category called Above Eyes Only?

Why does President Obama now support Anna Kreisling?

For the last three years Anna Kreisling has urged President Obama to support the people in Syria and back the Rebels who are trying to overthrow Assad. Russia and IRAN both support Assad and they have supplied SARIN and other Lethal Chemical Weapons to Assad. Anna Kreisling has led the airlift of supplies to the Syrian People. President Obama has now realized what valuable work Anna Kreisling does for the United States. In case we go to war with IRAN, the Stealth Spacecraft and jets that they have at AREA 51 will be vital in the attack on IRAN. For the last 15 years Anna Kreisling has been in charge of Flight Operations at AREA 51. Her Junkers JU-390 is parked there in the famous Black Hangar!

Is Ann Coulter a test pilot like Anna Kreisling?

Coulter is a right wing columnist, not a pilot.

Is Ann Coulter a NAZI like Anna Kreisling?

No. Ann Coulter is a right wing conservative, but, she is not a nazi.

Why does Anna Kreisling look like Veronica Lake the Hollywood Movie Star?

Anna Kreisling was born in Berlin Germany on January 10th, 1920. In 1943 by sheer coincidence she did look like Veronica Lake the most popular Blonde in Hollywood at that time. Anna Kreisling was 5 feet 8 inches tall and her figure was 38-24-36. Besides her frost Blonde hair and crystal ice blue eyes she was very tan and athletic.

Why does Bill Clinton have Anna Kreisling as his personal Pilot?

Bill Clinton first met Anna Kreisling in 1988. He was very impressed with her husband and her. He made it clear that he was going to run for President and he wanted their support. Anna was one of the top pilots in the world and she agreed to fly Bill Clinton anywhere he wanted to go as long as he kept her informed about the world situation. In 1997 she saved his life twice, once in the Middle East, the other time it was in the White House! Anna Kreisling was very angry that the Republicans wasted $878 Million Tax Dollars trying to impeach one of the greatest Presidents in U.S. History.