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Yes, Elizabeth Ellis Masters married Henry Ferris and had one child, Frances Canby Ferris (1886-1976).

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Q: Did Elizabeth Ellis Masters have children?
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What information do have about William Masters first wife Elizabeth?

William Masters was a physician who was born December 27, 1915 and died February 16, 2001. The information found states that William Masters married his first wife, Elizabeth Ellis, in 1942 and they had two children together.

What was the name of Dr William Masters first wife?

The name of Dr William Masters first wife was Elizabeth Ellis Masters.

What became of Elizabeth Ellis Masters after her divorce from Bill Masters of Masters and Johnson?

Elizabeth Ellis Masters remarried a man named Henry Ferris. The couple had a child together named Frances Canby Ferris. - This is wrong. These people lived decades before Masters and Johnson. I can't find the actual answer. But this is wrong. Absolutely, 100% wrong.

Did elisabeth Ellis masters ever have children?

according to wikipedia she had 2.

Did William h masters have children?

Yes, he had two children with his wife Elizabeth : Sarah and William.

How many children did Elisabeth Ellis Masters have?

She had two children Sarah Masters Paul and William Howell Masters III and one child with Henry Ferris, whom she later married. They named the child Frances Canby Ferris.

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