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yes but he gave it to Henry VIII

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Q: Did Hampton Court belong to Wolsey?
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Did Hampton Court belong to Henry VIII?

It originally belonged to Thomas Wolsey but he gave it to Henry VIII

Who made Hampton court palace?

Hampton Court Palace was built by Cardonal Wolsey. ;)

Who bulit hampton court palace?

Thomas Wolsey built Hampton Court Palace

When did Wolsey leave Hampton court?


Who did Henry the 8 get Hampton court from?

Henry VIII took Hampton court from thomas wolsey in 1528

Who owned Hampton court palace before Henry VIII?

Cardinal Wolsey

Who used to live in Hampton court Palace?

even though Cardinal Wolsey built Hampton court no one actuly lived in it after 18th century

Why did Wolsey give Henry VIII Hampton Court Palace?

Because Henry was the King and he wanted it.

When was Hampton castel built?

Hampton Court Palace was originally built for Cardinal Wolsey, a favourite of King Henry VIII, around 1514. In 1529, when Wolsey and the king fell out of favour, the palace was given to the King, who enlarged it.

When was Hampton Court built?

A historic section of London, England. It includes Hampton Court Palace, built by Cardinal Wolsey in 1515 and appropriated by Henry VIII in 1526. George II was the last to use it as a royal residence, and much of the palace is now open to the public.For the source and more detailed information concerning your request, click on the related links section ( indicated below.Built for Cardinal Wolsey about 1415

Why was Hampton Court Palace made?

It was built for Cardinal Wolsey originally and Henry VIII took it away from him. London in the summer was a vile and disease ridden place to be, so going to Hampton was a relief.

Who built Hampton court maze?

The Hampton Court maze was planted by George London and Henry Wise for William III in the 1690s. It was originally planted with hornbeam hedges and the design may be based on an earlier maze that was planted for Cardinal Wolsey.