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Lots of people have lived in Hampton Court. It was originally built by Cardinal Wolsey. After his death it came into the possession of Henry VIII and has been a royal palace ever since. It is no longer a royal residence and no monarchs have lived there since George II. George III didnt even set foot inside

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who lived in hampton court palace
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please name 2
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Originally built by Cardinal Wolsey and taken from him by Henry the Eighth. No one now lives in Hampton court palace. It is open to the public as a museum.

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A number of grace-and-favour apartments for establishment figures and their widows.

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Q: Who lives in Hampton court palace now?
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What 3 London landmarks that you can visit now that were also famous in Tudor Times?

Tower of London, Hampton Court Palace, Windsor Castle.

When was Hampton Court built?

A historic section of London, England. It includes Hampton Court Palace, built by Cardinal Wolsey in 1515 and appropriated by Henry VIII in 1526. George II was the last to use it as a royal residence, and much of the palace is now open to the public.For the source and more detailed information concerning your request, click on the related links section ( indicated below.Built for Cardinal Wolsey about 1415

Did Henry the viii only live at Hampton court?

No, he only acquired Hampton Court on the fall of Cardinal Wolsey in 1529. He was born at Greenwich and lived in various places during his lifetime as the Court would move from palace to palace or castle for various reasons - to avoid infection or the plague, to enable the palaces to be cleaned, for hunting and so on. So he would live at Whitehall, Richmond, Nonesuch (now demolished), Windsor, even the Tower of London (a royal residence as well as a prison) and so on, as well as at Hampton Court.

What would the inside of his Henry viii palace have looked like?

Very posh and grand in his day but to us now it would look old fashioned.

Who lives in buckingham palace right now?

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The Buckingham palace is always filled with lots of people its actually a benefit that it is a big palace. Nowadays the palace is starting to change into a museum instead of a house. I mean no one lives there right now because they can't have any peace or quite with all the people!!!!

What did Henry use Hampton court for?

Tudor sections of Hampton Court, which were later overhauled and rebuilt by Henry VIII, suggest that Wolsey intended it as an ideal Renaissance cardinal's palace in the style of Italian architects such as il Filarete and Leonardo da Vinci: rectilinear symmetrical planning, grand apartments on a raised piano nobile, classical detailing. Jonathan Foyle has suggested that it is likely that Wolsey had been inspired by Paolo Cortese's De Cardinalatu, a manual for cardinals that included advice on palatial architecture, published in 1510. Planning elements of long-lost structures at Hampton Court appear to have been based on Renaissance geometrical programs, an Italian influence more subtle than the famous terracotta busts of Roman emperors by Giovanni da Maiano that survive in the great courtyard. Hampton Court remains the only one of 50 palaces built by Henry VIII financed from the Dissolution of the Monasteries.The palace was appropriated by Wolsey's master, Henry VIII, in about 1525, although the Cardinal continued to live there until 1529. Henry added the Great Hall - which was the last medieval Great Hall built for the English monarchy - and the Royal Tennis Court, which was built and is still in use for the game of real tennis, not the present-day version of the game. This court is now the oldest Real Tennis Court in the world that is still in use.

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