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Yes he did - Manteo, a close person with John White was of Croatoan decent, his tribe was from there. Because of this, the Croatoan group was considered "friendly".

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Q: Did John White know the Croatoan Indians?
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What is ace ghil norst?

Ace gil norst...that is the cypher (cipher) cracked from the word croatoan, which was engraved in a tree when John White came back from England to his colony. The key word for this cracked version of the cypher is "England". I suggest using the key word, "Help" or "Danger" for the next time you crack this word everyone wants to know of. Other key words could be names of the people there, or "John White" itself could be the key. I do not know about this question. It is time for another to find out.

How many days was the Roanoke colony lost?

The Roanoke Colony, also known as the "Lost Colony," was lost for an unknown number of days in 1590 when Governor John White returned to find the settlement abandoned with the word "Croatoan" carved into a tree.

What are the names of John Paul White children?

The oldest one is John Paul white jr I don't know the other three

Why did Indians respect John Smith?

I don't know I asked the question not trying to give one!

What are the pros and cons of the great compromise?

I dont know

What are facts about the colony Roanoke?

1. A colony of English men and women was formed to be called Roanoke.2. John White was the governor of Roanoke.3. A colonist accidentally shot a Native American.4. The colonist of Roanoke didn't know how to farm or hunt.5. Before the colonist shot the Native American the Natives helped teach the colonist how to farm and hunt.6. John White left for a 2 year trip back to England to get supplies needed and came back and found nothing.7. Roanoke was a lost colony.8. The word CRO and CROATOAN were carved into several places on the island.9. There was a nearby island called Croatoan.10. John tried to see if his loved ones where on the neighboring island but he was blocked by a terrible storm that made his ship go back to England.11. John White was going crazy.12. No one ever knew what happened to the colony.

Sometihng you did you know of john Adams?

he built the first White House stable

Did the Mayans know about Jesus?

no Answer They did not know about Jesus but their legends tell them of a "White bearded God" who would come again. This knowledge is believed by many of the American Indians to this day.

How long was John Smith with pocahantas?

THEY ARNT MARRIED. Pocahantas is married to John Rolfe , but she helped John smith with jamestown . To grow crops and to built because people in jamestown did not know how to do that. So John smith got help from the indians.

What weapons did Flathead Indians use?

well, ya know, guns traded for from white men, and knives.

What did the lost settlers of Roanoke write as clue?

The lost settlers wrote "croatoan."Hey it's not right it's write they wrote CRO witch I don't know what it stands for.

How did Pocahontas save Jamestown?

Pocahontas did not save the colony of Jamestown, Pocahontas saved john white from death by stoning by the local Indians. pocohantis was the chief's daughter, and just before he was executed, it is said she threw herself in front of him to save his life,of course this fact could be a lie creaed from john white himself. but we do know that they did get maried, she was 15, he was about 35. -AnSwEr