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No, It is False, he did not

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Q: Did Voltaire invented a system for biological classification?
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The basic biological unit in the Linnaean system of biological classification?


Who first invented a classification system for animals?

Charles Linneaus invented the actual classification system.

Biological system of classification based on phylogeny?


Biological classification system based on phylogeny?


Who invented the classifaction system?

Carolus Linnaeus invented the classification system

What is Monera criteria?

monera criteria is an obsolete biological kingdom of the five-kingdom system of biological classification.

What is the highest level of biological classification?

Currently the most used system for biological classification has Domains at the highest level. The Domains are three: Bacteria, Archaea and Eukarya.

The koppen classification system is used as a classification system for?

The Koppen classification is used to tell the climate. The Koppen classification was first invented in the year 1884.

Which was the basis for linnaeus biological classification system?

they ussualy use the classification system made by Carolous Linneas kingdom, phylum, class, order , family, genus, species

What are some problems with developing a universal biological classification system?

not everything fits into the ranks

Why was the Library of Congress classification system created?

The Library of Congress Classification was created to arrange and organize the collections of books in the Library of Congress. Herbert Putnam invented the classification system.

Who is the name of the scientists who gave the name for your taxonomic system?

The first person to create the system which led to the modern system of biological classification was Carl Linnaeus.