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yes attorney William H., Jr.; and a daughter, attorney Karen H. Williams.

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Q: Did William Henry Hastie have kids?
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When was William H. Hastie born?

William H. Hastie died on 1976-04-14.

Does William Henry Harrison have kids?

Yes, William Henry Harrison has 10 kids.

What has the author William Hastie Lawrie written?

William Hastie Lawrie has written: 'A reference book of English trout flies' 'Big trout'

Does William Henry Harrison have children?

Yes, William Henry Harrison has 10 kids.

What is William H. Hastie birthday?

September 11 2001

What has the author William Hastie written?

William Hastie was an American judge, educator, and civil rights advocate. He is known for his work on civil rights and for being the first African American to serve as a federal judge. Hastie also authored numerous legal articles and essays on civil rights and constitutional law.

What are William Henry hastie jr's accomplishments?

William Henry Hastie Jr. was an accomplished lawyer, judge, and educator. He became the first African American federal judge in the United States, serving on the U.S. District Court of the Virgin Islands and later on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit. During his career, Hastie fought for equal rights and played a significant role in advancing civil rights in the United States. He also served as the first African American governor of the U.S. Virgin Islands and as the president of Howard University.

What is the birth name of Christa Hastie?

Christa Hastie's birth name is Christa Hilda Hastie.

Who were Princess Diana kids named?

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When did James Hastie die?

James Hastie died in 1897.

When did Alex Hastie die?

Alex Hastie died in 2010.

When was Alex Hastie born?

Alex Hastie was born in 1935.