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Henry the VIII always wanted a son,but with every wive he had doughters and only one son out of all of his kids but he died as all his doughters accepy one. Did the kids die because he misstreated them?I don't know,but you might...

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Q: How did Henry VIII treat his kids?
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Did Henry VIII have any kids with Katherine Howard?

no they did not

Did Henry viii treat his wives badly?

Yes... he chopped off their heads.

How did Henry VIII treat his enemies?

Very badly

Was bloody Mary one of king Henry the VIII kids?

Yes she was his daughter.

Did Henry VIII have kids with anne Boleyn?

No. Goats have kids, humans have children. Henry and Anne had one daughter, Elizabeth, who became Queen Elizabeth I.

Did Anne of Cleaves have any kids with Henry?

No she didn't. She was considered too ugly, so Henry VIII had her beheaded.

What were King Henry's VIII kids names?

Edward VI Mary I Elizabeth I And Henry Fitzroy, his illegitimate son.

Did Mary Tudor have any kids?

If you're refering to Henry VIII's sister, yes, she had four children by her husband, Charles Brandon. If you're refering to Henry VIII's daughter, no, she had no children.

The names of Henry VIII 5 kids?

1.Mary 2.Elizabeth 3.Edward

What where the names of Anne Boleyn's kids?

With Henry VIII, Anne Boleyn had one child, who was Elizabeth I

Who was the father of queen Elisabeth 1?

King Henry VIII. Her mother was Queen Anne Boleyn.

Who was Henry VIII 4th wife and why was she divorced?

anne of cleves, henry the eight thought she looked ugly after she had a couple of kids, she's a horse!