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yes he sold everything to do with them

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Q: Did Henry VIII sell all of the monasteries?
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How did Henry VIII treat his kids?

Henry the VIII always wanted a son,but with every wive he had doughters and only one son out of all of his kids but he died as all his doughters accepy one. Did the kids die because he misstreated them?I don't know,but you might...

Where did the monks go when the monasteries were closed down?

All English monasteries were forced to close in the period 1538 - 1542 by king Henry VIII, who confiscated anything of value and destroyed everything else. The numbers of monks and nuns had already been in decline for some time, so relatively few people were thrown out; they had the choice of finding other employment or (if they were elderly) taking a pension from the king. Many monasteries were simply "slighted" - meaning that the roof was destroyed, walls torn down and the stone sold for building material elsewhere. Other monasteries (such as St Augustine's, Canterbury) were converted into royal residences or stopover places for royal guests on their way to London, as a kind of guest-house for important visitors. The king donated some monastery sites to his favourite courtiers, who converted them into fashionable homes. Michelham Priory in Sussex is one of these - all you will see there today is the old medieval gatehouse of the monastery complex, together with a stately home which has completely destroyed all trace of the monastery itself.

When did Jane Seymour stop being queen?

Jane Seymour was the third wife of King Henry VIII from 30 May 1536 until her death on 24 October 1537. She was a Queen Consort not a Queen Regnant and, as such, did not "rule" at all.

What emperor of the holy Roman Empire decreed that all monasteries should open schools to everyone and encouraged monastic libraries to preserve and copy ancient manuscripts.?


How would the world be different without king Henry VIII?

Henry is probably most remembered for his marriage record; the six wives. But this characteristic had little direct effect on the world at large. He was a belligerent monarch and fought several campaigns against his neighbours. The Scots were defeated at Flodden in 1513 but his war with France proved expensive and unsuccessful. Henry's all-consuming concern was his need for a male heir. When he determined to replace Catherine of Aragon, his first wife, the widow of his brother and the cause of a dispute with the Church in itself - who had only one daughter, Mary - the Pope finally decided 'enough was enough' and refused to grant the divorce. When in 1533, Henry went ahead anyway and married Anne Boleyn, with whom he had a daughter, Elizabeth, the Pope excommunicated him and parliamentary legislation confirmed Henry's decision to break with Rome. Henry established himself as head of the Church of England and ordered the dissolution of the monasteries. It is this almost accidental creation of the Anglican Church with him as its Head - virtually a side effect of his determination to get his divorce - that is his greatest effect on the rest of the world; the Anglican Church is now almost worldwide. Other reforms - including the uniting of England and Wales and the creation of the Council of the North and the Household and Exchequer - also instigated during the 1530s - similarly had little effect on, or relevance to, the rest of the world.

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What Monasteries did Henry VIII shut down?

all monasteries in Britian.

Henry VIII viii and the monasteries?

to be able to take money from the church, Henry had to close the catholic church and monasteries to take away their money. To be able to close the monasteries Henry needed a reason, so, he bad mouthed the catholics by saying that they believed in the wrong things and that they were greedy. By saying that, he then had the power (as king) to close, burn and take all the money from the churches and monasteries. written by lucian thomas :-p

Did splitting with Catholicism put enormous wealth into Henry VIII's hands?

Yes. Henry VIII dissolved the monasteries and took all the Church's ancient treasures, not to mention lands, for the State.

What changes King Henry VIII make?

he destroyed all of the monasteries and made himself head of the church instead of the pope.

Did Henry's church have a monastary?

If by "Henry's church" you mean the Anglican Church created by Henry VIII in England in the sixteenth century, originally, no, Henry VIII suppressed all of the monasteries and confiscated their land. Since the Oxford Movement in the nineteenth century which attempted to reincorporate lost Christian values into the Anglican Church, there has been a revival of the monasteries in the Anglican Church. If you do not mean the Anglican Church, you are going to have to re-ask your question.

Was Thomas More a friend to Henry VIII?

Sire Thomas More was an intellectual and humanist during Henry VIII's reign. Thomas More was a member of the King's Council as well as Speaker of the House in Parliament. Thomas More acted as Henry VIII's close adviser and confident. After the dismissal of Cardinal Wolsey, Thomas More was also appointed as the Chancellor to King Henry VIII.

What went wrong For Henry VIII when he closed all the monasteries and took all their riches?

He ended up spending it on money for the wars

How did protestant religion allow Henry to get more money?

If you mean King Henry VIII of England he backed the Anglican church and shut down all of the Catholic churches and monasteries and such and confiscated all of their monies and lands which were substantial. If you mean another Henry I don't know.

What did Henry viii do to monastries in England?

Back in the early 1500's, the Catholic Church was at her height in power. People donated tons of money to churches and MONASTERIES. Also, in 1534 (or around that date), Henry VIII broke away from the Church, making himself Head of the Church in England. Since most of the lower clergy and monks disagreed with this idea, Henry III plundered and closed many monasteries and churches. In fact, Elizabeth I plundered the monasteries to a greater extent than Henry III. I can't remember which one would send men to 'examine' monasteries and say that they are 'impure' and close them. And then, they would take the goods out of those monasteries.

Who succeed Henry viii and what their religious stance?

Edward VI succeeded Henry VIII. Edward was a member of the Church of England - as are all Monarchs after Henry VIII.

Is Prince William a descendant of Henry VIII?

Not directly, Henry VIII had three children, all of them had no children.

Was King Henry VIII interested in politics?

All rulers need to be interested in politics. Henry VIII was no exception