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I'm sure Charlie had a few thoughts on the matter. -------------------------------------------------------------- No, he was executed after loosing the war with Oliver Cromwell, He had a large number of defeated supporters who would certainly not have agreed with his execution. Only 40 of the judges at his execution signed his death warrant with no execution, the rest were forced to sign it. In the end only about 59 of the original 132 judges signed the death warrant!!

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in many ways the decision to execute Charles 1 was the right one.

parliament considered him to be a traitor because whern the scots refused to agree to use the english prayer book, he sent his army to scottland in 1639 to force them. The English prayer book also had the catholic elements

i hope this answered your question =)

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Q: Did everyone agree with the execution of King Charles the first?
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What were some of the quotes from King Charles 2nd execution?

Charles the second didn't get executed, Charles the first, his dad did!

The first English monarch to face a public trial and an official execution?

Charles the First

What was the first year in BC?

There is no certain answer that everyone can agree on.

First English monarch to face a public trial and an official execution?

King Charles I

Why did everyone hate charles the first?

Many people hated Charles I due to his autocratic rule, attempts to impose taxes without Parliament's approval, his belief in divine right monarchy, and his persecution of dissenters. These actions ultimately led to the English Civil War and his eventual execution.

Charles the first wife?

Charles I of England was married to Henrietta Maria of France. They married in 1625 and had nine children together. After Charles's execution in 1649, Henrietta Maria lived in exile in France.

What was the death of Charles 1 revolutionary?

the death of Charles the first was revolutionary because Charles the first faced a public trial execution. Most kings will either be over thrown, killed on battle or put to death in secret

What happened first the English Civil War Glorious Revolution Execution of Charles I American War of Independence?

The English Civil War is first, and includes the Execution of King Charles I in 1649. The Glorious Revolution is the overthrow, deposing of James II, the brother of King Charles II , who in turn are the sons of Charles I, and the establishment of the rule of Mary (Stuart) & William III of Orange, in 1688. The US War of Independence is in the 1770s.

How long was the trial and execution of King Charles I?

Charles I (November 1600 to January 1649) was the King of England, Scotland and Ireland from 1625 until his execution in 1649. Charles was tried, convicted and executed on January 30, 1649, for high treason.

What era was Charles the first in?

Charles I was in the early modern era. He reigned as king of England, Scotland, and Ireland from 1625 until his execution in 1649 during the English Civil War.

Who was the First king to be beheaded?

Charles I, because of his failure to be a good King. His execution was lead by Oliver Cromwell, a Puritan.

Why is there a gap between Charles the first and Charles the second?

The gap between Charles I and Charles II is due to the English Civil War that resulted in the execution of Charles I in 1649. After his death, England became a republic led by Oliver Cromwell. Charles II, son of Charles I, was later restored to the throne in 1660 after the monarchy was reinstated with the end of the Commonwealth period.