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old world

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Old World

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Q: Did peaches come from the old world or the new world during the Columbian Exchange?
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Where did the banana go during the columbian exchange?

Old World to New World

During the Columbian Exchange where did turkey come from?

From the New World to the Old World

Where was Columbus during the columbian exchange?

he was adventuring all around the world

What was a result of Columbus's coming to the New World?

The Columbian exchange

What role did donkeys play in the Columbian Exchange?

Donkeys were brought from the Europeans to he New World during the Columbian Exchange. Donkeys were among the animals that helped with work as they were beasts of burden.

Which of the following best describes the Columbian Exchange that occurred during the Age of Discovery?

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What is the term for the changes that resulted from europeans settling in the new world?

the Columbian exchange

What is the term for the changes that resulted from European settling in the new world?

the stock exchange

The new world in the Columbian Exchange?

the new world in the columbian exchangedis the faileure of Jennifer penaida

Religion and culture during the Columbian Exchange?

As the Columbian Exchange was taking place, the church was in process of conquering paganism in Europe. The conquistadors in the Americas did not consider any course but conversion to Christianity for the natives in the new world.

What was introduced to the Old World from the New during the Columbian Exchange?

potatoes and corn****

Did the Columbian exchange bring corn to America?

No... corn or maize was already in America, the Columbian Exchange brought corn to the "Old World."