Did the Dutch discover Australia

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The chinese were said to have discovered Australia and everybody thinks that Captian Cook discovered it but really the first people to discover Australia were the Dutch unless you incude the Aborigines in which case they discovered Australia first.

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Q: Did the Dutch discover Australia
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Did the french discover Australia before the English?

No, but the Dutch did.

Did Captain Hook discover Australia?

No. Captain Hook is a fictitious character from the book Peter Pan.Nor did Captain Cook discover Australia. To begin with James Cook was a Lieutenant, not a captain, when he charted the eastern coast of Austalia and claimed it for Great Britain. He did not discover Australia, as that honour goes to Dutch trader Willem Jansz in 1606.

Why does Captain Cook not get the credit for his discovery?

James Cook is fully credited with being the first European to chart the east coast of Australia and claim it for England, but he did not discover Australia. The Dutch were the first to discover the Australian continent, and to have their observations recorded and noted.

Did William dampier discover Australia?

No. A dutch named Willem Janszoon was the first european to officially set foot on Australia in 1606. William Dampier went to Australia 93 years later in 1699.

From which country did the explorer who first discovered Australia come from?

It is believed that the first explorers to discover Australia were Portuguese, but no records still exist.The first recorded explorer on Australia's shores was Dutch (Willem Jansz).

Who discover NewYork?

the dutch

Who was the first person to discover South Australia and what year did he or she discover it in?

Various early Dutch explorers ventured into South Australia's western coastline during the 1600s. South Australia could be said to have been discovered in 1627, when Francois Thijssen recorded the first observations of the South Australian coast.

Why did dutch sailors dismiss Australia and it inhabitants?

Why did Dutch sailors dismiss Australia and its inhabitants

What continent did captain cook discover?

Captain James Cook did not discover any continent. In 1770, he found the eastern coast of Australia, but Australia as a continent had been discovered by the Portuguese about two hundred years before Cook. Formal discoveries of Australia were made by the Dutch in the early 1600s.

What do the dutch export to Australia?

Dutch people and windmills

Did the French discover Australia?

No. Dutch explorer Willem Jansz first landed on the western shores of Cape York, Australia, on 26 February 1606. However, the French did make an early claim on Australian territory, which the Dutch never did. France made its first formal claim to Australian territory on 30 March 1772.

What was the name of Captain Cook's ship when he found Australia?

James Cook (not a captain a this stage, but a Lieutenant) explored the eastern coast of Australia in the HMS Bark Endeavour. He did not 'find' or discover Australia, as the Dutch had already discovered the land over 150 years before Cook arrived.