Did the French discover Australia

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Dutch explorer Willem Jansz first landed on the western shores of Cape York, Australia, on 26 February 1606.

However, the French did make an early claim on Australian territory, which the Dutch never did. France made its first formal claim to Australian territory on 30 March 1772.

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Q: Did the French discover Australia
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No, but the Dutch did.

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Although Ferdinand Magellan discovered and named the Pacific Ocean, he did not discover any part of Australia.

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Captain Cook did not discover Australia. James Cook, who was not yet a captain when he reached Australia, did not discover Australia. He was the first known European to sight the eastern coast, and he did so in April 1770, first sighting the southeast corner which he named Point Hicks. He claimed the eastern half of the Australian continent for England, under the name of New South Wales, in August 1770. had Cook not claimed the land for the British Empire, undoubtedly the French would have. Whether one regards it as preferable for Australia to have been colonised by the British or by the French is a different matter.