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no they grew welthy off of trade :) hope it helped

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Q: Did the gupta empire grow wealthy through decades of war and conquest?
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Maurya Empire's main source of wealth under Chandragupta?


An interesting event in the 1200?

The conquest of Asia and parts of Europe to the Mongolian empire.

How did Charlemagne create a large empire?

Charlemagne mostly enlarged his empire through military conquest, most notably through a long and successful series of campaigns against the Saxons, and his conquest of Bavaria. From an administrative standpoint, he gave his authority increased underpinning by assisting the Pope against riotous Roman nobles and subjugating the Lombards, actions which earned him the title of Holy Roman Emperor. He adopted a system of standard weights and measures throughout his empire, including a new system of coinage. Charlemagne projected imperial authority by moving his court throughout the empire, and delegating administrative duties to local appointees known as counts. He communicated with these counts through messages sent by officials known as missi dominici. Additionally, he divided the empire into larger administrative regions run by governors. Finally, Charlemagne reformed the legal code, compiling Frankish laws with Roman laws.

What was the relationship between Western Europe East Asia and the Ottoman Empire in the 16th century?

The Ottomans grew wealthy by taxing trade between Europe and East Asia.

What has the world inherited from the Inca?

Though the Inca Empire died out pretty quickly after the conquest of the Spanish, many things we have nowadays were inherited from them. Things include potatos and llamas. These things were pretty common in the empire and were used by them. other things they had were honey, guavas, corn, maize ...etc :)

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Did the gupta empire grow wealthy while decades of war and conquest?


Did Gupta empire grow wealthy through decades of war and conquest?

no they grew welthy off of trade :) hope it helped

Is it true the upta empire grew wealthy through decades of war and conquest?

I think you are reffering to the Gupta empire if I am not mistaken and if so, no they grew welathy through trade, not war and counquest.

How did the Aztecs expand their empire?

Through conquest

How did Islam become international?

Through conquest of the Ottoman empire

How did incas expand their empire?

The Inca expanded their empire primary through conquest. The Inca Empire existed from 1438 to 1533.

How did the Byzantine empire added land to the Islamic world?

Through Trade and Conquest.

How did the Muslims empire expand?

Islam initially expanded through military conquest.

How did the Assyrian's create an empire?

The Assyrians created an empire through rapacious and vicious CONQUEST of neighboring states.

When did Conquest of the Nanda Empire happen?

Conquest of the Nanda Empire happened in -321.

Who was the female ruler of Egypt who made the empire wealthy through trade?


After conquering building, through conquest, first Mesopotamian empire, Sargon The great did all of the following except?