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Q: Did the spread of Christianity cause European exploration?
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Why was religious zeal one of the causes for European exploration?

Religious zeal was a cause for European exploration because some explorers sought to spread Christianity to new lands and convert indigenous populations. The desire to gain converts and spread religious influence motivated explorers to travel to distant lands and establish missions or churches. Additionally, religious conflicts in Europe, such as the Protestant Reformation, also played a role in driving exploration as rulers sought new territories to expand their religious influence.

What was the main cause for frenchenglishand spanish exploration of the new world.?

to spread religion

What is one demographic cause of European voyages of exploration and colonization to the New World?

There were alot of European people who needed jobs and opportunities. The new world seemed like their ticket to a better future.

How do you think the building of new monasteries help spread Christianity?

cause more and more people join and told more people

What is the cause of the explorations?

what is the cause of the exploration

In the 1500's Christianity was located where?

they worshiped in tipis that they would not get out of there cause my great great great great great great was in there back 1400 1500

How was exploration and colonization a cause of ww1?

how did exploration lead to world war 1

What was one major cause of European global exploration during the 15th to 18th centuries?

A changing climate forced people to migrate from cold northern locations to more temperate regions.

How did new resources affect European exploration?

The discovery of new resources in the Americas such as gold and silver provided strong economic motivations for European exploration and conquest. These resources fueled European expansion and increased competition among European powers for control of overseas territories. Additionally, the availability of resources like timber and agricultural products in the Americas contributed to the growth of European economies and facilitated the development of global trade networks.

What factors help explain why both Buddhism and Christianity spread widely beyond the lands of birth in the early centuries common era?

Missionaries, committed to the cause of either Christianity or Buddhism, spread the respective religions to other lands.

A basic cause of the age of exploration was?


What effects did European exploration and colonization of the Americans have on the Americans and native Americans?

the exploration effected the native Americans like they did with the africans. this was a very big change at the time.