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yes they did use bicycles but different ones

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Q: Did they use bicycles during the Victorian Era?
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Leg was thought to be rude in Victorian times what word do they use instead of leg?


Why did the schools in World War I use canes?

The use of the cane in schools has a long history and is unrelated to World War 1. Introduced in Victorian times to replace the birch rod and the whip, it continued in use in England till about 1990.

Which period came after the Edwardian?

The Edwardian era ended in 1910 with the death of Edward VII. Then his son took the throne (George V), then his son took the throne but for less than a year (Edward VIII) then his brother took the throne (George VI) then his daughter (Elizabeth II). As you can see it would get difficult to name eras after the king/queen when since 1910 we've had 4 of them. That's why historians call the time after Edward VII the 1st World War era, then the Inter War era, then the 2nd World War era and finally the Cold War era-after that I would assume historians would consider it the modern/present era. HOWEVER This is my idea, but I wouldn't be shocked if historians (if given time) will one day refer to the time that Elizabeth II was Queen as the 2nd Elizabethian era. BUT If you really wanted to incompass all the time since Edward VII died into one whole era by using the name of a monarch I would use "Windsor era" because the one thing all the monarchs since Edward the VII have in common is that after him they all were the "house of Windsor." If the monarchy is abolished with-in the next 50 years or so I think historians will one day do this.

What did people use to get to places in the olden days?

Horses were ridden or pulled wagons in which passangers rode. Trains carried people over long distances. People werent fat and they walked places.

How long was Victorian school childrens playtime?

they played a game called Wall Ball. Everyone had to try and get a ball, by bundling on top of each other. poor children had not got the money to buy games, so made do with games like skipping etc. but rich children played with dolls and so on. they spent a LOT of time being educated.

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What transportation did they use during the Victorian era in the east end of London?

In th Victorian era, dicks were used to send a woman into pleasure mode

Why did people begin to use more coal during the Victorian era?

Because it was cold.

When was the first taste of home cookbook made?

I'm pretty sure that cookbooks came out during the Victorian era in London or places around there. They're may have been cookbooks during the roman empire or ancient civilizations but I know the cookbooks were currently use now are from the Victorian era.

What did the Victorians use for light?

The Victorian Era was in the early 1900's. The most used form of lighting during this era was gas lighting. Candles were still used at this time as well.

How do you use the word frieze in a paragraph?

The frieze appears to be of victorian era.

What is chloroform used for in the Victorian era?

In the Victorian era, chloroform was primarily used as an anesthetic during surgical procedures to induce unconsciousness and numb pain. It was a commonly used sedative for medical procedures, especially during childbirth, surgery, and dental work. However, its use declined due to safety concerns and the development of safer alternatives.

What did victorians use instead of the word leg?

During the Victorian era, it was considered improper to use the word "leg" in polite conversation, so terms such as "limb," "lower extremity," or even "limb of the body" were commonly used instead. This modesty was characteristic of the Victorian attitude toward discussing certain body parts openly.

In China are there more bicycles in use or automobiles?

More bicycles

How do you use the word era in a sentence?

Here is a sentence for you, i ! When writing was invented, a new era was created. era is awesome My parents grew up during the hippie era of the 1960's. Sammy Sosa and Mark Maguire are players from baseball's steroid era. Her grandparents were depression era babies. Were the 1960's an era of peace and love or drugs and overdoses? Charles Dickens writes about England in the Victorian era. The reviews are related to the new era.

Did they have phones to carry around in Victorian times?

No, there were no portable phones in the Victorian Era.

What did the Victorians use the grammerphone for?

During the Victorian era, gramophones were used primarily for entertainment in the home. They allowed people to listen to music, speeches, and other audio recordings. Gramophones were a popular form of entertainment before the introduction of radio and television.

Why should you use bicycles?

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