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History is the study of past events, people, and civilizations. English is the study and application of the English language, such as grammer, puncuation, vocab, and the style of writing.

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Q: Difference between the subjects history and English?
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Would I capitalize the words English and history in a sentence talking about subjects that I love?

Yes, you should capitalize the words "English" and "History" in this context as they are specific subjects in this case.

Do terms like history 2 math English etc have to be uppercase?

All language subjects and specific names of subjects are capitalized. Example: My favorite subjects are History 2, English, math, science and Spanish.

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What is the difference between British lessons and French lessons at school?

British lessons typically focus on subjects like English literature, history, geography, and citizenship, while French lessons would typically focus on the French language, culture, history, and geography. British lessons may also include other subjects like science, math, and art that are not directly related to France.

What subjects do Japanese school children study?

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