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All other subjects relate to history. You cannot have art without history because it builds on itself over time. Music is the same way. Languages have even changed throughout history.

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Q: What is any relationship between history and other subject?
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What is the relationship between history and geography?

History can often decide history. For example, The sacond punic war (Carthage vs Rome). Hannibal lost thousands of men on the alps (Livy puts it at 36,000). This had an ompact on his ability in Italy. Hannibal also won victory at the Trebbia as the river froze the Romans spirits. There are many other examples in history. I really hope that this isn't a homework question for you.

What is history modern history?

There are three schools of thought concerning this: One is that modern history is from 1950 onward. Another is that modern history is from 1899 onward The final one is that modern history doesn't exist as something that is modern cannot exist in the past. Modern history is the considered the time after the "middle ages", beginning around 1500. Modern history is comprised of two eras, early modern through about 1800 and late modern which is followed by contemporary history. Most of this terminology is in reference to European and American history and their relationship with other continents. Modern History is only part of history. Modern history is from 1850 onward in some ways.

Why should we study black history?

The study of history, ancient, geographical, architectural, archeological, racial, religeous, political or in any other form is rarely to be faulted if done with a sound scientific framework. Any study of history that is based on a preconception is always subject to academic revue. Black history like most histories, is filled with legend, falacy and error. Study history because it will enrich your life.

What is the relationship that exist between library and literature and research?

The relation that exit between the three is that with out research their won't n be literature because people goes on research that is being put in written and become a literature, then this literature are kept in the library for other people or scholars to use

History of benguet festival dance?

the history of benguet festival dance is from other country wahahaha

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