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so we can learn about people and who they are

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Q: Why should we study black history?
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Why study Canadian black history?

It is important to study Canadian black history in order to understand the influences that have shaped Canadian culture today. It is important to understand the roots of the Canadian black population.

How is the study of history essential?

It is commonly said "Those who do not know history are doomed to repeat it." That should be a good enough reason to study history.

Why do you study Barbara Jordan in black history?

recarch somewhere else

Where should you begin if you want to study history?


Why should a mass communication student study history?


What profession should you go into to study apache native Americans?

you will have to study American History and political Science, then you could become a History teacher

Which African American Progressive pioneered the study of black history?

Carter G. Woodson

What are the benefits of studying black history?

The study of history, ancient, geographical, architectural, archeological, racial, religeous, political or in any other form is rarely to be faulted if done with a sound scientific framework. Any study of history that is based on a preconception is always subject to academic revue. Black history like most histories, is filled with legend, falacy and error. Study history because it will enrich your life.

Why should you study Black history?

Reasons to study Black History:Anything you study makes you smarter!The history of African Americans has many important leaders who can help us to understand the way the world works.Studying the history of Blacks in America, and the slavery issue, helps us to avoid such horrible things in the futureHuman beings first developed in Africa, so studying African history is studying human historyAfrican culture includes such great civilizations as Egypt, Carthage, Morocco, Nubia, and Ethiopia.

What do historians study?

they study the history of our world and the continents such as america

Should the study of history be continued?

There will always be questions about the past. With advances in technology our capability to answer them will continue to increase and with each new answer will come more new questions. Yes, we should continue to study history.

Who was the father of Negro History Week which is now called Black History Month?

The event now called Black History month was founded in the US 1926 by Carter Godwin Woodson and Association for the Study of African American Life and History.

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