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People who discover, study, interpret, and write history are called

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Q: People who discover study interpret and write history are called?
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Who discover study interpret and write history are called .?

People who discover, study, interpret, and write history are called

Someone who studies history is called what?

Someone who studies history is called a historian. Historians research, analyze, and interpret historical events, people, and societies to understand and explain the past.

What is the study of the past called?

The study of the past is called history. Historians analyze and interpret events, people, cultures, and societies from the past to understand how they have shaped the present.

What is the History of the basic electronics?

In1883 THOMAS EDISON discover the electron and it,s the begning of electronics after that FLEMING discover the diode and then DE FOREST discover the triode which is called transistor

What do you call people who wrotes history?

people who write history ,are called historians

What is the authority to interpret law called?


What do you call a scientist who studies history?

A scientist who studies history is typically called a historian. Historians analyze and interpret past events, cultures, and social behaviors in order to understand the development of human societies over time.

The human eye may not interpret accurately what the eyes see. What is this phenomenon called?

The eye doesn't interpret. The brain does.

What Jewish leaders interpret God's will?

The Jewish leaders that interpret God's will are called Mashiach.

What is the name of th Philippines before Magellan discover it?

The Chinese people called the natives "The Camui People" because it was known to be a trading place.

Who was the first person in the world to discover America?

People say that Christopher Columbus first discovered America. But actually, a Viking called Leif Erickson really did discover America first.

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Nobody,sofar. Called the people down there are scientists, trying to discover the secrets to the Earth.