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Q: What is the history of writing about history called?
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What history of writing about history is called?


What is the history of writing about history is called?


What is the history about writing history called?


The history of writing about history is called .?


What is the period before people developed writing called?


Who is writing history?

in the old days it was called prehistory and so then back then it was only picture drawings to understand other people. so in 500,000 bc a man called futsy found out about writing and now he is the one who invented writing history.

Who was the father of (objective) history?

Herodotes of Halicanarssus, he was called thus because of his Historiae, which was one of the first tries at writing objective history.

What is the form of writing that the sumerian used?

The Sumerians were the first to use a writing system in history. It was called cuneiform (meaning wedge-shaped signs).

The practice of writing history is known has?

The term historiography refers to the writing of history.

What has the author Laura Lee Downs written?

Laura Lee Downs has written: 'Gender and the Writing of History' 'Writing Gender History (Writing History)'

What do you call the writing of prehistoric people?

Prehistory was when there was no writing; any period of history without information written down is called prehistory. The Egyptians were the first to use a form of writing: Hieroglyphics.

Who was the greek philosopher of history?

One good answer is Herodotus (484 BC - 425 BC). He is often called the "father of history"because many people consider that he was the first personto think about writing history as a form which was differentfrom other kinds of writing.

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